After concluding our house viewing Mrs RM, exhausted by questions about gnomes, grommets and gas cookers, said,

I need a pint“. You can tell who was driving.

The Blind Monkey (ex-Firwood Cottage) only re-opened in 2018 so hasn’t graced the GBG yet. Perhaps it never will, as Don McLean sang.

Worryingly, it’s owned by Speakeasy Enterprises.

More worryingly, there are people in floral shirts in the outside area.

Then Mrs RM gets told off for ignoring the “WAIT HERE” sign at the door and I realise that her impatience is one of the reasons I love her.

We’re shown to our table, opposite another happy family fresh from playing on Ruskin Park.

The pictures tell you all you need.

On our escorted walk through the pub I hardly had time to look at the bar, but could see that they didn’t have the Atomic Blonde listed on the beer menu. 2020 is The Year You’re Not Allowed to See The Pumps.

So I asked for the Blonde anyway, Mrs RM always like the Blonde, and if course it had gone. But I’ll tell you what; the cask Our House (NBSS 3.5+) and keg Saucery were exceptional, as was a shared house pizza.

The “speakeasy” theming might grate after a bit, but if you lived near here you might well become a very fat, drunk, young professional very quickly.

So, where WILL James choose to live ?

27 thoughts on “BLIND MONKEY

  1. I’ve not been in the Blind Monkey for a while – last December, in fact. They seem to have changed the beer supplier to the seldom-seen Don Valley Brewery of \Mexborough; at least, I don’t remember that beer offering from previous visits. The former Firvale Cottage was very basic – seemed like it had not been redecorated since the 1970s – but the Blind Monkey has been tarted up good and proper. You can barely move for fear of knocking over some knick-knacks or bumping into a fake statuette. After about 15 minutes there I start to feel the walls closing in…

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    1. I’m guessing a beer brewed in Mexborough is cheap, like the Prospect beers from near Wigan that find their way to Bournemouth craft bars. Notwithstanding that, it was really good (as was the Magic Rock keg).


      1. It would good, you could join me on my “Every pub in Sheffield” tour, which would start in Pitsmoor.

        NB That house hunting really was for our eldest lad and his mates, more deliberations for us..


      2. From what I hear our vaccine is due by November third. A very reliable source tells me so. We need to revisit Sheffield. We only visited Kelham island pubs on a quick visit.

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      3. If there’s Russian vaccine I’ll happily test it for them; inject me with anything, really.

        I guess the idea is to issue yours on Nov 3rd so you’re incapacitated before the vote ?


      1. H-h-h-h ‘ancocks Haitch Bee hasn’t been so wonderful wherever I’ve tried it over the last couple of years, all except for in the Vale Of Glamorgan Inn at Cowbridge, that is.


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    1. Bill,
      That Courage mirror might be genuine.
      There was a Courage Russian Stout mirror, the only one I’ve seen, of late 1970s or early ’80s in the Holly Bush at Salt that the recently deceased landlord told me he had from when he’d kept a Courage pub in Coventry much used by students who drank it because it was strong.

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      1. When it was originally introduced at 5% ABV it was surprisingly palatable. Maybe it was the strength that caused the hangovers.


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