The problem with Sheffield, if you’re a pub ticker, is that it’s easy to be distracted from The True Path (ONLY visit new GBG pubs, don’t get distracted by revisits and beer festivals and keg pubs).

We’re getting a few visitors now from backwaters such as Cambridge and Dereham and Hook, and they all expect to be shown round the classics.

And then Sheffield CAMRA , bless them, will put on a big beer event with a pineapple milkshake lassi gose and you’ll feel it’s your duty to have a pint of that with your greasy chip butty.

I didn’t do the pineapple gose and the “hoppy” lager, I’m not an animal, but I did nip to The Crow to met Sheffield pub legend Dave Pickersgill.

I note Dave hasn’t selected the Philadelphia for inclusion in the Heritage Guide yet, despite the roaming chickens. I’ll get Will to nip and assess it properly.

I really must stop finding excuses to visit the Crow.

I never get away without two pints, Deya and Mallinsons today. I’d have had the keg, but obviously I was meeting CAMRA top brass so on best behaviour.

Dave was terrific company, and a mine of information of the local pub scene, heritage or not.

His Guide (details here) to classic pub interiors is a magnificent achievement, and takes you well beyond the usual suspects. I reckon you could spend a year here and not scratch the surface of Sheffield’s magnificent pubs. Oh, I have.

Here’s the page for one you won’t know, unless you’re Will.

It had suddenly turned dark when I walked past the Philadelphia a second time. Where DOES the time go ?


      1. I haven’t been to Crystal Peaks yet either, and I’ve lived in Sheffield for nearly a quarter of a century. Of course you’re joking when you say there’s a “fun pub” there.. Aren’t you?


  1. ‘Sheffield pub legend,’ ‘CAMRA top brass’ – you can’t possibly be talking about me – I do what Scientists do all the time – pull together the work of others, do research, lots of referencing (essential that credit is given), disseminate and repeat – however, as you say, there are many excellent pubs in Sheffield. We have 30 GBG entries – we could fill twice that number with ease. As for the Philadelphia club: I have visited, 1960s concrete, hens look similar to ours – there could be a whole new project out there – heritage clubs ….

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    1. And the real legends are the folk who run the great pubs of course. Their resilience throughout the epidemic, determined to survive and re-open community facilities, has been quite something !


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