Oh no, scary new music that’s not 50/70 year old blokes still playing their ’90s/’70s hits !

Don’t worry, there’ll be another pub post along in a minute.

I finished an epic Wednesday in London, NOT in the Parcel Yard but just behind it at Lafayette, a new basement venue tucked into the flashy new quarter behind King’s Cross.

Nice view over the canal.

And an interesting wait in the queue for Matilda Mann‘s sell-out gig with the usual mix of 19 year old female students, a few boyfriends dragged along, and the obligatory Old Bloke who looks out of place. Oh, that’s me.

Matthew is back to gigs in Manchester, and notes that crowds are about 90% under 22, but there will ALWAYS be a bloke called Tim, Chris and Martin attending the gig, irrespective of the band.

Matilda Mann popped up on my Spotify Discovery Playlist early this year with her song about the Loch Ness Monster, and has stayed there all year with an astonishing succession of instant classics.

Like this one, the best love song about the apocalypse since, er, “Dancing With Tears In Our Eyes“.

and this one from the gig, about rubbish blokes. I hid at the back while 300 teenage girls nodded sagely.

And this was her first headline gig. Such confidence, such swagger, such a voice. More gigs next year all over the world, I guess,.

I caught the late train back to Sheffield, after a last can of rhubarb fizz in the Barrel Vault. Not as good as ESB.

Look what I could have had !

Such discipline, I tell you. It wouldn’t last.

12 thoughts on “MATILDA MANN MANIA

  1. Take malicious pleasure in being the Enfield/Whitehouse Old Git at such gigs, people-watching the Yoofs as they struggle with whether to:
    a) look right through and ignore me
    b) open a conversation with “were you at Woodstock, man?”
    c) call security to investigate if a peado has infiltrated

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      1. Should have added 4) Last time at O2 Brixton (pre-pandemic) there was assumption this old white guy could only be there to deal drugs. Was approached five times across the evening… three times in the toilet – don’t think the concept of an aging weak bladder was being taken into account 🤣.
        Did get me wondering on a new career opportunity though…

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  2. Fortunately, the music, the voice, and the song, sold this talented artist to me. Full marks for being the “obligatory old bloke” brave enough to turn up to the gig.

    I felt the same going to see Nerina Pallot in concert, seven years ago. I was still in my fifties then, but only just! I needn’t have worried, as good music and a great performance transcends all boundaries.

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