On the home straight now, as I declare on five GBG ticks and try to think of things to do while waiting for my gig to open doors at 19:00 that doesn’t involve researching pubs.

Here’s my “heat map”; bit of a midfield battle, isn’t it ?

The walk through Finsbury takes us past some notable political landmarks,

and some gorgeous (dead) pubs. This one is now a mosque;

But the Coronet, once an art deco cinema, is still a Spoons, so all is well.

The Coronet is the pub that my train thunders past on the way from Waterbeach to King’s Cross with The Arsenal on the other side.

I only stop for one of those fizzy Dalston rhubarb drinks (£1.20, bargain), but that’s my entrance to a magical world of octogenarian couples downing pints of Stella at speeds not seen since Mrs RM last hit the bar.

The Coronet was the busiest pub of the night, almost full early Wednesday evening despite any obvious draws nearby.

Long may it reign.

8 thoughts on “INTO ISLINGTON

  1. The Coronet was my lads local for last couple of years -I rather liked it ! Now he;s back in the Stone frequenting the Cellars,Flower pot etc (not living with us though -a purchase has been made -27 min walk from us -I;m well pleased

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      1. He actually left ,of his own accord about 10 years ago (he’s now 34 ) After a failed relationship,he bounced back home for a year or so but finally left just before first lockdown . he has a mate who hasn’t flown the nest yet & his parents have told him straight that they are retiring now & he has to go -he is going to stay with a friend in a similar situation..I am hoping that my lad now has a happy future in front of him

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  2. If the Coronet wasn’t a Spoons it would not be a pub (and the art deco exterior would be long gone). If it wasn’t a pub, most people there wouldn’t drink in other pubs. Wetherspoons may not be “proper pubs” and Tim Martin may not be to everyone’s liking, but they serve a purpose!

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