Oh no ! Pictures of beer ! What happened to the photos of London’s architectural wonders, cosmopolitan dining scene and hemp shops ?

All present and correct on the walk from Finsbury Park to Stroud Green, from Arsenal to Tottenham if you like.

I cannot lie, this bit of North London is a bit of a beer desert now, as you can see on this skilfully selected bit of GBG app.

Five points for identifying the pub bottom left, though.

Last time this far out, nearly five years ago, I had salt and pepper squid at the Shaftesbury Tavern, pre-empting the Squid Game craze to prove my hipster credentials.

I also revisited the Old Dairy back then, a rare pub that seems not to have re-emerged post-Covid.

Anyway, it’s place in the (limited) Stroud Green firmament is taken by the Brave Sir Robin, a reference to Mr van Persie’s decision to escape the streets of Finsbury paved with gold for the slums of Stretford.

I’ve reached the realisation that the reason most pubs I go in are empty is because I’m first at the door at opening time. But SOMEONE has to be first.

It would be lazy to describe the Robin as an Antic with craft beer,

but it’s more of a burger bar with craft. I’m not sure anyone would go there to drink, and I was brought a menu without asking.

One thing I’ve learnt to do in retirement is never say “No” to anything, and just as well as the burger and fries with pint of murky Deya (keg, oops !) was the tea of the year. The chips were especially crisp in the best Belgian tradition.

When I left at 17:00 a stream of bearded couples had started to pour in, all ordering pints of craft. Simon will hate it. I loved it.

And if you need a place to stay at this point, I can recommend the St. George Hotel.

Send me a postcard.

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