Notice how the sun and blue skies were out for me on Good Friday, proving once again my righteousness.

You might be interested to know that when my parents compare the weather in Sheffield and Waterbeach these days it’s incredibly similar. What can it mean ? (it means nothing).

Gosport has no rail station, the largest town in Britain without an operational service. So you have to cough up (not Covid) £4.30 for the five minute journey across the water. A reminder; five minutes is insufficient time for a bar service.

On the ferry a (worryingly) enthusiastic lady kept pointing out features on what looked like warships headed to Worthing to prevent the construction of new micropubs.

Gosport is to Portsmouth what Gateshead is to Newcastle or New Brighton is to Liverpool, the grittier bit with the better view. Really.

It also has pub tiling porn to compete with its noisier neighbour (see my post from 2020).

I think I was the only person visiting Gosport from Pompey. Everyone else was returning with Primark bags. Gosport High Street was a sorry sight,

bar the Spoons and the Four Ale Tap House.

Along with Lancashire and Tyneside, Hampshire has led the micro charge of late, and I can’t knock them.

I mean, what else will get middle-aged folk out of their sofas to play Dominoes and drink real ale ?

An easy choice, the Titanic Cherry Porter a rich 3.5, but I had just one dilemma.

The ferry back goes every 15 minutes, and the next one went in 12 minutes. If I could down this pint in 2 minutes, aligning it to the end of Suedehead,

I could be back in Fareham to see my beloved with a takeaway before the start of Britain’s Got Talent. I know she’d be pleased to see me. Frankly, no-one should drink a pint of Cherry Porter in ten minutes, let alone two.

So in honour of Morrissey, here’s my crispy beef, sweet and sour chicken and Singapore rice ordered ahead from LJ Chinese Takeaway.

It wasn’t great (NCTSS 2.5), but has anyone EVER taken a Chinese takeaway back ?


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