As a rule (oft broken) I reckon 300 words and ten (10) photos is plenty for a blog post. Pubmeister, Mudgie and Life After Football have similar principles.

Don’t tell BRAPA and Blackpool Jane, but I only look at their photos and do a word search for “Martin”, “Doom Bar” and “orange aero” when I sit down to read their marvellous blogs. In pub blog terms I am the Hans Christian Anderson to their Herman Melville and Vikram Seth. One day I shall retire from my retirement and read all of Simon’s 37,000 words from Hampshire.

So this post is sort of pub free, merely mopping up the highlights of my half hour walk from the Admiral Drake to the ferry for Gosport.

I can make a case that Portsmouth is one of the greatest cities on earth.

I won’t, as it’s scruffy in places and the Bass in the Pembroke isn’t the best, and as always I will leave the city wanting to come back.

James has been doing a Grande Tour of Italy this last week, but I bet Rome or Florence can’t match the majesty of Portsmouth’s civic quarter.

Or its street art.

20 years ago Portsmouth’s pub seemed quite edgy, particularly around the aptly named Hard.

It feels a lot more upmarket now.

As always, I blame Fullerisation.

Anyway, I might do a Proper Pub crawl some day; perhaps Stafford Paul will join me.

For now, I head to the ferry for Gosport.

It looks magical, doesn’t it ?

13 thoughts on “PORTSMOUTH OLD TOWN

  1. I have touring the HMS Victory on my list of things to do before I die. When you are done with the ticking maybe you can do celebrity guided pub crawls? You book should generate public enthusiasm. I just hope Duncan’s book doesn’t land around the same time.

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    1. If Duncan’s book “landed” (ugh) the same time as mine it would be cheaper have more “pussy” gags so it would be an easy choice. You should meet Duncan, he’s great company.


  2. “perhaps Stafford Paul will join me” – yes and maybe call in at the Golden Eagle in Southsea to see how the hop plant I sent them five years ago is doing. .

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  3. Great post. I stayed in the George for a few days a couple of years ago when I was playing out at sea with the RN. Ship Anson is a proper matelots pub. The blocks of flats in the area used to be no-go areas but much of old Pompey seems to have been revitalised. Even Gunwharf Quay isn’t bad, for a shopping centre. Fullers Old Customs House has the poshest pub loos I’ve ever come across.

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    1. I expect the Ship Anson might be named after a ship that was named after Admiral of the Fleet George Anson 1st Baron Anson who was the son of William Anson of Shugborough three miles from me.

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      1. It certainly is. The pub was two pubs until 1985. The King and Queen was the pub on the left as you look at them. Back when The Hard was constructed, almost every building facing it was a pub.

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      2. Yes, and that King and Queen predated by several years the Brighton pub of that name I used a few times on a 1974 holiday and revisited in 2019.

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    2. Thanks Adrian.

      I stayed in the Travelodge near the Drake years ago (before the brutalist shopping centre came down ?) and wondered what visitors made of the area !

      Yes, Gunwharf Quay is decent, and the Spinnaker is a marvel.


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