Yes, I really have done a post on Gateshead without leading with the Angel at the top.

But don’t worry, she’ll be back. Oh yes.


This is a prototype, modelled (possibly) on Mrs Ethel Milburn of Benton. It’s on display in Shipley Art Gallery, where I was the only visitor. You can’t give art away these days.

Modelled on a pub ticker

Parked up near the smarter bit of Gateshead (think De Beauvoir in North London) I get a new perspective on the underrated town on the walk to the Tyne, from civic pride to scruffy hotels.

Premier hotel
Better than Cardiff’s Golden Cross

I never saw Ye Olde Fleece or Ophelia Balls. But a single handpump dispensing Tyneside Blonde would probably get it in the Guide.

The centre may have lost the iconic multistorey carpark beloved of Michael Caine, bit it’s a bit functional and modern. Nice statue of BRAPA, too.

Escapee from BALTIC

Gateshead really comes alive as you reach the High Level Bridge with its views, the best in Newcastle/Gateshead, and look under the railway arches.

First there was the rebirth of The Central.

And now the equally wonderful Station East.

Looks like a still from Corrie

Atmospheric, cosy, warmer than outside, I loved it.

You’ll never guess what they had on.

Sign of a good pub

Actually, I had the first one, as that had just been poured. That strategy works unless it’s Donnington.

I think the enthusiastic barman saw my indecision over the Plum Porter, and offered a taster. You know where I stand on those.


Pretty well perfect, a half served in an oversized glass always helps. Cool, rich, frothy. I gave it NBSS 4.

A winner

Don’t know how you’d describe this, micro size but pubby values.

Very Berlin, though I doubt you get cheese and onion pasties in Friedrichschain.

Classy but unfussy proper seating, and an excellent upstairs area for Simon to eavesdrop and take photos with his famous disposable camera.

Which is what I should have done, rather than crossing the Tyne.

St James Park peaks above the rooftops


    1. Wiki quotes the Venerable Bede on this. It seems to have been called Gateshead since the Dark Ages. I suppose that it’s arguably a matter of opinion as to when, exactly, those finished, though.

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  1. Station East used to be the Station Hotel a small one room pub. Just looked up ’94 GBG 1st time visit (2/3/94) for pints of Cropton Scoresby Stout and Eldridge Pope Royal Oak. For the time a rare cask pub in Gateshead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Myles, did wonder what it was. The only proper pub I remember from Guide visits was the Borough Arms (deceased). The 1994 Guide was my first but I never made it to Gateshead that year.


  2. “Modelled on a pub ticker”

    Do we have to subscribe to your newsletter to find out who?

    “Better than Cardiff’s Golden Cross”

    The last bit on the van says “a stunning, free show not to be missed!”

    Is the stunning but that it’s free?

    “Nice statue of BRAPA, too.”

    I thought the earlier one was modelled on BRAPA. 😉

    “You’ll never guess what they had on.”

    You lucky, lucky bugger. 🙂

    “micro size but pubby values.”

    Micro size with an upstairs?

    “Which is what I should have done, rather than crossing the Tyne.”

    Perhaps but… pub blogging rules and all that. 🙂


    And I’m behind on reading blogs yet again. My darling wife had better stop with the cooking that encourages catering.

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