Darn, another late train…

On the homeward stretch now, with the GBG tick, the Spoons pre-emptive, the Top 100 pub revisit, the central recommendation and the crafty keg bar in the bag.

Oh, and the compulsory fleeting look at the Art Gallery, the dullest outside Cambridge. (joking, joking, though there does seem to be more cafe than exhibit space).

The artist wishes it to be known that shoes should be removed for this piece” said the gallery attendant.

Time for home and Mrs RM asking “Where did you say you were going ?”.

I walk too fast. 11 minutes before the train goes, and they’re always late, aren’t they ?, so call it 13.

Enough time for…

Yes, it’s the Vat & Fiddle, Nottingham’s Armoury or Scarbrough Hotel, I guess.

Look what I wrote in 2018 about a return visit being overdue here;

It’s more basis than I expected, and hence more pubby.

A real mix at the bar, the sign of a good station pub.

10 minutes was just enough to appreciate a rich half of Preservation (again) and see just enough cask pulled to make me think a dozen handpumps wasn’t Black Country style barmy.

Perhaps the most nice soundtrack of the afternoon too.

A very good afternoon, made even better on the train home when, as with the rest of the UK, I received the results of my 2021 Spotify audit by the Pudding;

4 thoughts on “Darn, another late train…

  1. Still not warmed to Beerheadz then! I should use the Vat more often, it’s one of only a handful of pubs I’ll consider a (dry) cider in and it’s clearly a class act. We’ll be exploring the art later this week, no (more) spoilers please…

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