Two for the price of one here. You can use the Armoury before your trip to see 10-Man City (our new name) or the so-called “proper” football at Edgeley Park.

The proper football last Saturday starts at 2 min 19 secs on this clip.

I actually popped in just as County v Harrogate ended, which meant a) beer was being pulled through quickly (good) and b) you couldn’t move (bad).


The Armoury is a classic Stockport multi-roomer, with highly reliable Unicorn, as I think our recent US visitors can confirm.  Plenty of Robbies being drunk, but as you’ll see just as much Carling and Strongbow. Not much discussion of CloudwaterGate, just two sets of fans being overly pleasant to each other.

County fans seemed sanguine about losing two points to a 50 yard own-goal in the 89th minute, but they’re tucked in between “new” Darlington and Halifax in the league table, and have away days in Fylde and Kidderminster to look forward to. As do I.

Of course, there are other pubs in Edgeley for a pre and post-match pint, but how could you resist this ?


But if you want a great view, Level 3 of the Etihad on a bright, chilly matchday is the place.



  1. We went to a lot of great pubs and had many good beers last week. We chose two pubs and two beers as our favorites. The Armoury with Unicorn and Harveys’ Royal Oak with Old. We loved The Armoury though. Everything a pub should be including a welcoming landlord. She politely asked if we were Canadian which warms the heart of a certain breed of American. I thought the Unicorn was an outstanding beer and in great condition there. I am curious if it made above a 3.0 NBSS for you? One other thing we confirmed. Man we love the sparkler. Way to go Northeners!


      1. No it is not. I agree. I have been curious about the NBSS though. Hence the question. It seemed very good to me.


  2. I emphatically confirm that the Armoury is classic pub and the Unicorn served there is fantastic. I truly missed it last night while having a couple average American brewed beers, keg, of course. The music was so loud it had to be turned down THREE times before I could hear the server. Dave! When is our next trip?


  3. That own goal is the greatest I have seen since Damian Delaney played for City. Would I be correct in thinking that away fans are now solely housed in the stand that contained the cameraman rather than on the open terrace with seats bolted on behind the goal. I recall when City last visited on the 3-1 win that I think was Kevin Ellison’s debut being down that side but I think it was given to us due to an anticipation of a large away following.

    I look forward to away games at all of Darlo, Kiddy, Stockport and Halifax. Particularly Darlo, as that will presumably be a ground tick.


    1. I think so Tom, I was in the pub rather than the ground.

      I’m sure you’ll get to those games Tom, Allam is very keen to visit proper grounds with Hull and save on your travel expenses.


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