Another Matt-inspired night out in Notts for you.

“Are you doing anything Tuesday night?

Can you take me to Nottingham to see Sleeps?”

Young people today. eh ?. Whatever hppnd to txt spk ?

“Sleeps” is “While She Sleeps”, of course, in the way that “Oblivion” is “Better Oblivion Community Center”.  Or something.

Anyway, this is Sleeps, who are so enormous you’ve never heard of them.  That’s how it works.

You got the idea after three seconds of that video, didn’t you ?


Matt picked the “pub“, Annie’s Burger Shack having made some impression on our last visit. No GBG place anymore, and I played safe with something murky from Tiny Rebel.


I know how much you like pictures of food.

About 2,112 calories

Now, Matt will tell you that stodgy burger and curly fries is not good preparation for an evening in the “pit”, but I had a more sedate gig in mind.

Nottingham was looking its usual lovely self. I almost spent the evening in the VAT & Fiddle.

Must go back

But there was a new Guide tick on the next stop up the line.

And who can resist the lure of Ilkeston.

The train journey was BRAPA-tastic, a collection of motley youths competing to deliver the most outrageous excuse for not having bought a ticket.

A journey of 15 minutes see the temperature fall by ten degrees and you emerge to a suspicious acrid smell that says “You’re in Derbyshire now, m’duck“.


Ilkeston is a Proper Place, with some good pubs, but it’s quite a shock entering the pedestrianised main street to total darkness.

But then a group of joggers run past, stopping for breath at Heron Foods, and no doubt wishing they were joining me in the Prince of Wales.

Jog on

Entertainment options in Ilkeston are limited now the Ritz is closed.

Future Br…

But they’ll always be the pubs and bars of South Street.  I can’t ever remember walking past the the Prince and thinking “Oooh, pre-emptive !” but it looks obvious now.

Proper Pub

Simple but stylish seating,

No high table nonsense
Seating under the dartboard for the adventurous

and a simple but effective beer range.

One old reliable, one unusual, two flavoured ciders

Mainly Carling flying out, and I immediately wished I’d had the Pale as the ale drinkers all went for the one they’d heard of and the Falstaff was just OK enough (NBSS 2.5).

But the Prince isn’t a pub for ticking, it’s a place to hide from joggers, play pool and hurl abuse at politicians on the telly as the possible Brexit postponement was floated.

Decent lacings emerging though

Now, what do you do to kill half an hour in Ilkeston before the train back to Nottingham…


  1. You had me a little confused there for a moment with a new gbg entry for Ilkeston. Previously the Poacher and made the gbg in 2010 and 2009 (by my reckoning).


    1. Thanks Mark ! I knew I’d been to one pub that side of the road opposite the Spanish Bar, but the Beer Guide descriptions confidently says “a welcome new entry to the Guide” which threw me. Still, an hour in Ilkeston is never wasted, is it ?


      1. Of course an hour in Ilkeston town centre is fine, but it was really decent of Network Rail to open a station right by the Dewdrop Inn in April 2017 too.


      2. Yes indeed, and in the next month or two I shall probably use the Dewdrop on my £6.50 Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket.
        Then, rather than the town centre, it’ll probably be Humphrey’s Brown Bear.


  2. I went through a stage of listening to bands like that when my lad was a similar age to yours about 15 years ago -the shouty element of it gets a bit much though after a while ! Sitck to Folk mostly these days although off to see Metallica in summer -I can still rock

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ooh -harsh ! A bit old school I agree but it had to be done -it is compensation for not being able to get tickets for Rammstein

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The band sound pretty good to me apart from the shouty bloke with the long hair. There’s always one who
    spoils it for everybody else isn’t there?

    Liked by 2 people

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