Especially for Paul Mudge of Stafford, here’s the evidence that Sam Smith’s Sheffield star is back with a bang.

Mrs RM and I tipped up at 10.42pm, the latest I’ve been in a pub for a while. No sense of “You’re a bit close to last orders” like I get in some pubs at 10.30.

Unmistakable low-key Sam’s exterior, unmistakable Sam’s bar.

one’s enough
lovely green font for mild

A couple of blokes in the left-hand room discussing politics; a dozen blokes congregating at the right-hand bar discussing life. Or the Blades, to you and me.

Mrs RM went left.

proper bench seating

It sparkles, it really does. Literally; the landlord was scrubbing the tables ferociously at 11.05.

The OBB looked magnificent too.

Landlord took the Sheff U shirt off later

Glad to see you back open” I said. And I was.


Really good OBB” And it was. NBSS 3.5.

Mrs RM had a double G & T, which was 2.5x dearer than my pint, but I forgive her.

Action shot

Our drinking companions were onto “post-capitalist society” and the myth of choice.

“What have you had tonight then ?”

“3 pints of OBB”

“Why’d you need choice then ?”

In the other bar, the debate about “putting it in the onion bag” rumbled on.


15 thoughts on “THE BROWN BEAR IS BACK

  1. Ah, yes, a lovely reminder of when I was there on 9th June.
    I couldn’t get a seat but that just proves Humphrey needs to open more proper pubs to satisfy the demand for his OBB.

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    1. Scott,
      I remember when Sam Smiths brewed two cask Milds, Light Mild which was a weaker version of the Bitter and 4X Best Mild which was darker.
      Now Light Mild is just one of Humphrey’s eleven keg beers.

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  2. Lots of wonderful details in this one– almost felt I was there. I imagine you overhearing that conversation and grabbing your pen and paper. “The myth of choice. That’ll make a good blog title one of these days.” 😉

    If a gin & tonic is 2.5 times the cost of a pint of ale, you’ve got to wonder what the economics were behind the days of the gin palaces. The tax structure must’ve been propping up gin back then.

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    1. You’re spot on, Mark. Except only Simon or Mr Coldwell would use something as obvious as pen and paper when we have phones. Yes, I do get a frisson of excitement when the theme or great line comes up. It’s a shame that Simon is SO far behind on his blog we’ll have to wait till Christmasfor his report on the Keyston Pheasant I took him to on Saturday !

      I guess the issue with gin is duty/tax. Sam Smiths double G&T still half the price of this famous one;

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      1. Paper wins every time. I’ve dropped my note book in the urinal a few times, just dry it out in front of the fire and off you go again – try doing that with your mobile!

        All Sam’s pricing is done on either duty or whether they can produce it in house theirselves. The wine is exorbitant, and comparatively the dearest product as they have to buy it in, mind you so do Tescos. Similarly with the cider which is produced by an independent producer and is £3 a pint. All the really cheap beers, like the Light Mild, are only 2.7%.

        Here’s one to ponder – what if they did cask Sovereign? And dry hopped it a bit? Mmmmmmmm.

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  3. “here’s the evidence that Sam Smith’s Sheffield star is back with a bang.”

    At least I can read the bloody writing on this map. 😉

    “one’s enough”

    Decisions, decisions. 🙂

    “a dozen blokes congregating at the right-hand bar discussing life. ”

    In this day and age, politics IS life to some.

    “Mrs RM went left.”

    Scratch my previous comment. 🙂

    “Action shot”

    What the bloody hell is Diet Indian Tonic Water?

    “and the myth of choice.”

    Didn’t Confucius have something to say about that?


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