Another post without a pub visit. What’s Going On ?, as Marvin sang in 1971, though of course that was inspired by finding pubs unexpected closed in Kent.

But Bath deserves a write-up, because it sparkled last Monday, and the Beer & Pubs Forum posse will be back on 22 November.


It’s a very floral town, isn’t it ?

Street art

I knew the Star would be shut mid-afternoon for calibrating the Bass or whatever they do, but this will be top of my list on 22/11.

Up the steps to The Star
Don’t run out on 22/11 !

I’d forgot which pubs Bath was famous for.  It was always the Star, the Green Tree (top) and the Bell, whose run of GBG appearances stopped dramatically last year.

I love peeling GBG stickers

The Coeur de Lion looked the business the next morning.

Devenish (RIP)

I’d picked Bath so I could tick off the lone new Guide entry.

Fail No. 2

Sadly, the Griffin, recently acquired by St Austell, was closed for a second bout of refurbishment in a matter of months, despite Twitter indications to the contrary.  They won’t put me off that easily.

Anyway, Quiz Time.  Name this pub;


Clue:  It’s not a Wetherspoons.


31 thoughts on “BAD TIMING IN BATH

      1. I thought the “ass” was too small but I stand corrected.
        It’s the font Bass Charrington used in the 1970s so has lasted some forty years.

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  1. You are remarkably phlegmatic about this. Assume you will be going back for the P&F trip. Do they ever come north? Remember doing the Couer de Lion when it was still a Devenish pub – a bit of a novelty for Bath even then. Guess the pub- Old Green Tree?

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    1. I believe the P&F crowd have been to Stafford, Crewe, Leeds, Bradford and Hebden in the last year, but I missed those, having more interest in a terrible boxy micro new to the Guide than a tremendous old Proper Pub I’ve done before. Someone must suggest Paisley to us…

      You win the prize (a Bass beermat) for at least guessing, but it’s not one you’ll have been In, I expect, Duncan. I assume folk will work through the night matching Google Streetview to that pic to work it out !

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  2. “What’s Going On ?, as Marvin sang in 1971, ”

    Was that the gaye one? 😉

    “Up the steps to The Star”

    Sneaky. It’s actually on the other side of the street. 🙂

    “I love peeling GBG stickers”

    I’ll stick to bananas thanks.*

    *(or my wife when she’s wearing stockings)

    “Fail No. 2”

    You think they would have been ‘hip’ and called it ‘The Griff Inn’. 🙂

    “Name this pub;”

    Sorry. It can’t be a ‘proper’ pub. It sells spirits!



  3. Hi Martin
    I understand your purpose is GBG ticking, but I thought I should pass on some Bass intelligence to an oficionado of that ale.
    If you find yourself between Worcester cathedral and the Lea and Perrins factory pop into the Plunbers Arms.
    Bass mirror, excellent pump clips and as fine a glass of Bass as you will get outside burton served by a smashing landlady in a proper Bass livery glass.
    The gold and black football memorabilia adds to the experience ( I accept this may not work for those who sing about blue moons!)

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    1. Thanks for the intelligence, Steve. I will return. Details here for anyone visiting soon

      A pint of Bass would have perked me up on my last visit.. Earlier this month a group of ne’er-do-wells (well, it included Charles Knight) visited some of the most characterful central pubs, the best of which was the Eagle Vaults

      If you find Bass in Suffolk I’ll expect a full review !



  4. We were in Bath (twice) in 2013 and your mystery picture didn’t feature in any of the ten pubs we went in (or attempted to enter – some ‘funny’ opening hours in Bath) so I’ll have to pass on a guess for today’s ‘star’ prize!

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  5. There should be a time limit on how long you are allowed to keep faded GBG stickers and their ilk in your window. After more than a couple of years they develop the pathos created by cheap petrol station flowers placed at the side of the road after a tragedy.

    Maybe CAMRA should present pubs with a less ephemeral trophy? Something more durable and substantial, like a Theakston’s pump clip.

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    1. I’m not quite sure about “the highest form of art” but I’ve always thought of them as the late twentieth century’s equivalent to the stained glass in mediaeval churches.

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  6. Tracey informs me that it’s the pub on the London Road opposite Morrisons which has variously been called The Britannia, The Piccadilly Ale House and The Hive over the years . Not sure what it is nowadays, but we occasionally used to go in for a pint of Ushers Best back in th 80s.


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