Heading back to the station now, aimlessly, but I still hadn’t spent more on beer than the £12.60 for a cheap day return, which is an odd yardstick to use for when to call it a day I grant you.

Having done the GBG tick, the pre-emptive Spoons, the Top 100 pub, and the Will recommendation, I thought I ought to do a crafty keg tap, in case Matt had to go to Notts for a gig and needed a steer.  Actually, he’d head straight back to Annie’s Burger Shack, the last central GBG entry before GBG22.

I had a vague memory of Curry Charles mentioning Junk something once.  Ah, could be this;

Hard to find, sharing a space with Herbert Kilpin in a square between Lace Market, the caves, and a barrage of clothing shops I needed to stay clear of, the Junkyard feels a bit like a little hidden gem in Bruges.

I said “a bit”.

After checking the board for anything that would this from “Craft keg bar given short shrift on What Pub” to “Potential pre-emptive if Key Keg is OK”, I reckon Polly’s is probably my best bet as Mrs RM isn’t with me to share a pint of the 10% Cloudwater.

£5.20 a pint not bad at all for quality craft, so I ask for a half and count out £2.60 in coins.

£3.90 please“. I do mental maths.

Ooh, better have a pint then. That’s a big mark-up for a half

It’s all priced in two-thirds.” He nods at the sign on the board, and he’s right, but I’m bemused.

As is the next group, who look genuinely befuddled at pricing that’s not in pints and halves.

Not moaning at the prices, it’s a cosy little bar with a great choice, and the Polly’s was lovely grapefruit murk, but I bet that barman gets fed up explaining that to a stream of craft casuals.

Mark will want to know the cutting-edge soundtrack here, no doubt…


  1. Hope you did the full 10 days isolation after you left Sheep S%%%%%% land (D3r**). That beer looks awful

    30 years ago all those pubs were either

    Home Ales
    Hardy’s & Hansons Kimberley Ales

    Good write up

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    1. Lincolnshire Poacher would be my choice. Has been (I think) Shipstones, Tynemill, Batemans, Castle Rock over the years. Not sure what it is now as been away. I’ve just done a 15 year stretch in Wakefield


      1. Yeah of course HMP Wakefield. Could of got off with ten years but made a naughty boy of myself. I’m now out and making a nuisance of myself on the craft juice. I don’t have that murky stuff though as it makes me go loopy. You ever done a stretch mate?

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  2. “It’s all priced in two-thirds” might be a disingenuous attempt to get you buying three of them so that you’ve had two pints there instead of one.

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