21 September 2021. Yes, that’s how far I am behind on these posts, which I’m temporarily having to type with chubby fingers on the phone. It’ll probably mean the photos look odd again but tough.

15 minutes from Shipley to Leeds. 15 minutes dominated by suits talking about “factoring in disbursements”, which sounds like a DIPA in Leeds Brewery Tap.

Mrs RM is warming to L***s. She likes shiny things.

“Shall we get a beer before George” she asked, staring at O’Neills.

I ushered her round the corner to another Leeds institution, one I hadn’t been in since I made regular work trips to the Kremlin a decade ago.

You know the Scarbrough, the Tetley flagship, the symphony in brown.

I’d never seen it so quiet after work. OK, still nicely ticking over and I won’t complain about getting a seat for once.

Either the Salary Men are still working from home in York flats or pubs are in trouble.

Still, the office workers loss is the gain of the tourist, as we got to admire the majesty of the interior, bloke in Theatre of Hate jacket, Rugby League memorabilia and all.

A really great welcome at the bar cheered further, but my heart sank as I noted the absence of our old friend.

No Tetley! Delivery issues, apparently, so Black Sheep and Purity for Mrs RM, who is as pure as the driven snow as Kim Carnes sang.

Well, they were both wonderful. Less (pumps) certainly means more (quality), and these were 2 cool, clean NBSS 4 pints. Mrs RM necked hers in about 7 minutes, and would have stayed for another if George wasn’t calling.

But which George ?


  1. Ah, the Taps. Still going strong by the look of it, but not for long unless punters are lured in again. Leeds was my home town almost 20 years ago, but I don’t think I drank in there more than 3-4 times.


    1. Same here -lived in Leeds for many years but rarely went there -it was a bit of a blokes pub back in the 70’s -my husband & his mates went more.Looks good these days

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  2. This is my joint 10th most visited pub since the rugby league season restarted. I would have gone there another time, bringing it up to 10th on its own (these things matter) except that there was a crowd at the bar and my train was at the station and I could hear that diesel motor revving.

    To get back to beer matters: over the course of four visits I had two Black Sheep and two Tetleys. Although the Tetleys was, to my admittedly jaded palate, better than it had been when brewed in Wolverhampton, it was still not as good as when it was brewed just down the road. Whereas the Black Sheep, brewed as ever in Masham, was definitely worth crossing the road for, though not as good as I have had it in pubs like the George in Hubberholme or even at the Dog & Partridge in Sheffield. (Where the locals seem to shun it for reasons of regional conflict, or some such. Have they not heard “All Leeds Are(n’t) We”, one of the most uplifting and inclusive anthems in sport?)

    On my most recent visit to the Scarbrough (19 August) I was poured 9/10th of a pint and apologetically took it back for another 40p-worth of beer. The lass who served me (not the same sour-faced person who had poured the froth) said there was no need to apologise for querying it, as they were “an ale pub”, and therefore presumably accustomed to being called out for serving short measure. Whatever, looking as always on the sunny side of life, I like the Scabrough and I’m glad you and Christine enjoyed it there too.


  3. people always recommend the Scarborough to me, but I was disappointed by it when I visited, out of the beer selection they had at my visit, I ended up with a beer from Norfolk, which seemed abit almost busmans holiday for me, but as a Nicholsons I dont know they get much of a choice on sticking to LocAle. I mean the thing is you know out of the selection they had in the photo, the Pale Ale will be shaky because none of the regulars will drink it, so you pick whats left, which is the problem, its not a pub you goto because its the best place to get Tetleys (though it should be now given what they did to the brewery) or Black Sheep or anything, its the pub you go to because of its known as a place,and maybe the place it was instead of what is post Tetleys demise and you end up drinking whats left from the choices you dont want, and only being there because of the name of the place, which to me is always not a pub you want to stay drinking in. The Philharmonic Dining Rooms in Liverpool, also a Nicholsons coincidentally, is not too dissimilar.

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    1. As always you make excellent points.

      I suppose for me “beer selection” comes about 57th on the list of reasons I go to a pub, just below “flavour of handwash”.

      I was initially disappointed by that range, particularly the Purity, but they WERE both marvellous and I can never lie about beer quality.

      Recently I had to say the beer in Norwich’s Fat Cat was disappointing, until I joined the blokes in Hi Vis drinking Abbot, ate the pork pie, and was won over.


  4. Interesting that the Scarbrough is historically an Ind Coope house, not a Tetley one, as the lettering on the frontage shows.

    This is my abiding memory of the place in December 2016:


  5. Drank there regularly after union meetings when I worked for the Department for Work and Pensions in the 2000s. Was slightly confused the first time I went as someone asked me “Coming to Scarborough for a pint?” and I initially thought they were referring to the town rather than a pub.

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