Next up, on a gloriously sunny Sheffield day, a trip to Macclesfield. For the first time ever, a trip south to Macc.

I’d actually suggested an Old Codger Proper Day Out to Macc, mainly on account of the Bass in the Jolly Sailor, but I also fancied lugging my brand new GBG round loads of new Guide entries.

Sadly, no new Beer Guide, though a few embargo breakers confirmed there was nothing new.. And even worse, Mrs RM made a late withdrawal from the old codger squad due to a Pornstar Martini, but I had a super sub ready;

Mrs RM spent 10 minutes working out who Stephen Ireland and Phil Foden were and wondering whether I was being complimentary. Baa Baa Toure just knew.

I resisted the craft beer offers on board the train,

and after the mild trauma of a 30 second run between platforms at Stockport made it to Macc just in time for 1979.

It’s always 1979 in Macclesfield. And it’s always raining. Well, it’s really not, but it was NOW. Luckily I didn’t need to hover long at the cute map to orientate myself, but I did need to get under cover.

Blackpool Jane would have organised as axe throwing event if she’s been here, getting Mudgie to aim 3 axes at cans of Pumpkin DIPA or whatever, but my itinerary was more modest.

I’d actually got to Macc ahead of the official noon start time, which may yet land me a reprimand from the Beer & Pubs Forum Moderators.

The Fountain, a pre-emptive tick if ever I saw one, is the new Bollington Brewery places described as “Cafe bar, kitchen and coffee roastery ” so may not have been suitable for all ages.

It did the trick for me; warm, friendly and with low level seating to enjoy a half of what I wrote down as “Billy Best”, who I think played for Melchester Rovers in the ’70s.

Sheffield Hatter caught up with me here, which meant I couldn’t make sarcastic comments about his hat in the blog I was drafting, joining a dozen other young folk on pints by the time we left for (official) Pub 1.

Which is where we meet up with your other favourite Pub Men and I start to take photos of the new GBG.

4 thoughts on “SUPER MACC – THE SET UP

  1. Aye, it rained a lot in Macc when I had part time digs there with a workmate 1983-1989 too.

    It’s that Cheshire Gap, of which Michael Fish always warned.


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