One Pornstar Martini too far

I’m taking a short break from Super Swindon now to bring you live blogging from the Old Codgers trip to Macclesfield today.

Quite a select band of Old Codgers now that Mrs RM has pulled out due to overdoing it in Manchester and Sheffield the last two nights as we entertained a visitor from Waterbeach (nice village, big craft scene).

Pornstar Martinis and Chantry Pale in Sheff,

and the Marble Arch in Manc. She knows how to live.

So my late sub is Baa Baa Toure, a bit apprehensive about meeting the great Mudgie I sense.

My plan to get Christine to distract Mudgie while I nicked his new GBG is up in flames, a fate I hope doesn’t befall the Sheffield CAMRA magazine I’ll leave in Macc.

I left Sheffield an hour ago in the bright sunshine that follows the righteous,

but as I leave Stockport the rain descends.

Some clichés are true. It always rains in Macclesfield.

Join us in an hour in the Waters Green. Craft bar diversion recommendations NOT welcome.

11 thoughts on “One Pornstar Martini too far

  1. Wow what a treat to be reading of a Retired Martin visit to Macclesfield; all my pub blog dreams have come true. 😁 Seriously though, really looking forward to this.

    I’ve got to ask what is that thing floating in the top of the drink (above)? It looks as if someone accidentally dropped a slice of sushi roll in there! 😱

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