Blogging from McDonald’s at Watford Gap, the start of the North, as 377,000 Newcastle fans queue for a Big Mac.

Few words, just some pictorial highlights from a great day in Macclesfield yesterday with some new old and newly recruited Old Codgers.

Name all the pubs and win Mudgies Good Beer Guide.


  1. That’ll teach you to post on your blog where you’re gonna be – you get all sorts of waifs & strays turning up 😊
    Thanks for making me so welcome, whilst not capturing my best side in the pictures.

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    1. You’re fortunate to have a best side 😉

      At least Martin didn’t post the picture of me with Baa Baa Touré – or is that being saved for a more detailed post later?

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  2. The purpose of the sheep is to prove you were there. Remember the infamous pic of Prince Andrew with the young lady. He said it was photoshopped and fingers too chubby etc. There’s also another guy running round the pubs with a cauliflower. It’s a bit murky out there, and I don’t just mean the beer 🙂

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing these photos, Martin, and for the shout out on Twitter. It’s great seeing all this love for Macclesfield among your readers.

    Just looking at those appetizers I get thirsty for proper ale— shame I can’t get any where I am!

    Very much looking forward to your blogposts on The Castle, the Waters Green, and other top pubs of Macclesfield. Can’t pretend I won’t be deeply envious the whole time though. 😉

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