Back to the Wiltshire Wandering now, and a long night in Swindon was extended with an 11 minute rail trip to Chippenham to add some continental exotica to the evening.

TWO more GBG newbies here within 10 minutes walk of the railway station, a rare treat for tickers who’ve done 90% of the Guide.

It’s at least 7 years since my last visit to Chipz (as the kidz call it), though I DID drop Mrs RM here on a work assignment in 2018 and I’m sure she visited a pub she’s long forgotten.

It wasn’t the Prince of Wales (Micropub).

But she’d have liked this place, a north Bristol styled bar in the best sense of the word. Contactless only just to keep out the Old Codgers.

Oh look, something called Brizzle Haze, must go for that.

No space inside but Chipz imports a microclimate from Torquay and it was pleasant sitting on the outside table watching lads queue for doner kebabs. Really, it was, I’m easily pleased.

It’s a smart little micro, with glasses nicked from a CAMRA beer festival sponsored by SpecSavers.

The beer was cool, rich and chewy, an easy NBSS 3.5. I nipped to the Gents, you never know when your next loo stop is,

and when I came out to finish it off I suddenly realised it was a 4.

So, moonlight and fresh air can improve a beer as well as sunshine, hmm ?


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