As always, young Quinno is strident with his views on all matters Pubs West;

But is he right ? Certainly, Chippenham (pop. 45,620) has a lot of competition for the pub ticker pound (or groats if you’re in Calne).

It’s traditional to bring you some context on a town before I bombard you with pics of Old Codgers, so here’s Chippenham’s most famous son;

45,620 souls, but not many in evidence on this particular Saturday night in late October, but that gives me a chance to better appreciate the architectural highlights.

Close your eyes, and you could almost be in Bradford (on Avon).

Hardly anyone about. Were they in the Spoons ?

Actually, a fair few were in the Flying Monk, my newish GBG tick.

Nice old pub, decent seating, mixed crowd, Bass mirror,

local beers,

and a North Cotswold porter that was an easy 3.5.

What’s Quinno’s problem ?

Actually, my problem was, I immediately realised I’d been here before, when it was called the Flying Cross (2 weeks ago), or possibly the Buttercross (3 weeks ago). Why, oh why, can’t pubs stop changing their names.

But it was lovely beer, and drew me into a town whose other pubs looked dangerously inviting.

But I know my limits, and besides, the sight of a water fountain (even without water) had me dashing back to the station loos.


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