Let me be brutally honest. I always assumed Portishead was a dump. Why else would Sir Quinno have left it for Reading ?

Apart from Quinno, the town is best known as the birthplace of leading Scrumpy and Western singer Adge Cutler., and for being one of the larger UK towns without a railway station.

If you look closely below you can probably see one across the water in Wales.

You’ll remember the views from near the Ship last week; they were equally stunning from the edge of the Marina.

What a great sight from my drone. Loads of folk wandering round the marina site, too.

No, I don’t think that first photo is Stonehenge, though it’s actually more impressive than THAT blot on the lovely A303.

Suddenly, Portishead looks posh, and not in a Peterborough way.

It’s got a Waitrose, a Spoons, a Costa,

and a craft bar, of sorts.

I cannot lie, I was in and out in 3 minutes, plus the 5 minutes it takes to be lectured on Track and Trace and spell my own name wrong.

That Bristol Beer Factory was JUST about a 3, I guess. The mustard trousers on the bloke outside were worth a 4, but that’s one variable too much.

What a lovely place. If I never wanted to visit The North again, I could quite fancy one of those houses overlooking the Severn.

But I do.


  1. Just got back from Bristol, up the river, and went to The Victoria on your recommendation. Great (if eccentric place) and had a great beer – Bristol Best (Dawkins). According to the landlord, actually brewed by a Yorkshireman.

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  2. Re: visiting the North again. Strangely the owner of the Siren’s Calling has just opened a bar in Burscough (The Thirsty Duck). A candidate for the 2022 Good Beer Guide?

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