So, as I was saying, I left Chippenham 2 (or 1+) ticks to the good, and returned to Swindon for an early night blogging.

Except it was only 19:30, and how often do you find yourself in Swindon at 19:30 with a bed for the night paid for ?

I really wanted an Arkells but the railway pub looked too modernised, and empty to chance a pint of 3B. Where do you do for a pint of Arkells 3B these days ?

So I headed down to the railway village for a first visit to the Glue Pot in 15 years (that’s a complete guess, but 100% correct).

What a glorious looking pub, unchanged since I first saw it on a stormy night before a Swindon v Cambridge United game in 2003.

I love a pub which treasures its GBG stickers.

All of the Hop Back pubs are gorgeous, aren’t they ? Aren’t they ?

How could I resist a pint of Summer Lightning in late October ?

Dunno, but I did, possibly since it’s the Cider Pub of the Year, and joined the cider headz on the Hecks Kingston Black.

In 1784 there was a schism in the GBG ticking factions as a rebel group led by “The Pubmeister” declared that a real cider wouldn’t count as a tick in a pub which also served cask. I don’t hold with that, but then I’d had the Hop Back before so I was safe anyway.

Whatever, it was gorgeous (NCSS 3.5+), and the mix of custom in the Glue Pot remains a joy.

OK, time for a kebab.

NB If there are any children reading, it’s best not to mix beer and cider, and certainly not Mango Lassi and cider.


  1. Hop Back Summer Lighting and their Entire Stout as well, plus a proper pub. What’s not to like?

    Unfortunately you spoil it in your next post, with a visit to one of Mr Martin’s tacky beer barns. 🙄


      1. Point taken Martin, especially after reading your latest post!

        I’d forgotten it was a year ago when Lock-down 2 hit us, and agree they were dark times, particularly for pubs, bars and restaurants looking to the festive season in order to recoup some of their losses, from earlier in the year.

        I do rather like the look of the Glue Pot, though.

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