This was the Blind Monkey (marked “home” on my maps) last night. I’ve enjoyed watching their lights come on and staff popping in and out of the garden this week, making the return of pubs feel real.

Back last July, the day before re-opening, I wroteIf you go, follow the rules, and be nice to the staff. They hate this more than you do”.

In general, I thought that people and pubs got it right last summer, despite the rules tightening in the Autumn and lumbering us with table service.

But key workers from Preston to Rye have commented on the inability of folk to follow instructions. Or be nice.

Be nice to your barber, too, especially if they work on Brazennose Street.

Just remember, those young staff (Young = under 50) running back and forward for you haven’t had their first jab yet and many of them are as reticent about a return to work as you are about heading back to nightclubs and trams.

DON’T ask for tasters. Or complain when you can’t pay with Scottish notes. Or expect to lick the handpumps.

As so often, those Proper Punks from Ellon get it spot-on;

Jeff Bell gets it too;

We’d all like to be able to walk up to a bar again, and stand around with a pint, but can’t right now. If getting table service is so upsetting to you, and totally ruins the experience of going to a pub for a pint, then that’s very sad. You can’t have travelled much, because being served at your table in bars of all kinds is much more common than counter service across Europe as a whole.

but the sooner we can bin table service and get (safely) back to licking handpumps again, the better.

So, get out to your pub tomorrow. Take a coat. Say “thanks” to the staff. Enjoy life.

BUT….I will NOT be accountable for my actions if I can’t get my pint of Doom Bar at 9am.

25 thoughts on “BE NICE

  1. Never fear, I’ve heard on the grapevine that ‘every’ Wetherspoon in the UK has been mandated to have a half of Doom poured and ready behind the bar at opening time, plant pot optional.

    WetherMemo #3067: Martin’s Coming – Don’t mess this up!

    WetherMemo #3068: BRAPA’s Coming – Have the downstairs toilet key ready.

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  2. Our CAMRA branch chairman Bob is celebrating his 80th birthday tomorrow outside the Bouverie Tap in the town featured in your last guess the pub.

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      1. I thought that he made himself look a bit of a dick at the time.

        In the context of most of my other thoughts back then, that stands out as one of the better ones from this distance, I reckon.

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  3. Having visited Belgium and the Netherlands quite a lot in recent years, I must say I do enjoy table service and would hope that some of it at least is here to stay.

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  4. “They hate this more than you do”

    Too true. Same goes for retail. No point in getting mad at staff asking you to queue or go one way in an aisle. Not their fault. Email management if you want to get if off your chest.*

    * and by all means bicker about it online and to friends and family. 🙂

    “Be nice to your barber, too, especially if they work on Brazennose Street.”

    I was at my barber on Thursday. Cost is $16 and I always give him a $20 bill and tell him keep the change.

    “Or expect to lick the handpumps.”

    Lick the handpumps? Who do they think they are; Barney Gumble from the Simpsons? 😉

    “Jeff Bell gets it too;”

    Yup. Baby steps at first. 🙂

    “So, get out to your pub tomorrow. Take a coat. Say “thanks” to the staff. Enjoy life.”

    I can’t go anywhere tomorrow as they are coming to install the mini-split in my man shed/pub. But it’s supposed to be sunny and 16C in the afternoon so I shall have a beer on my deck in solidarity. 🙂

    “BUT….I will NOT be accountable for my actions if I can’t get my pint of Doom Bar at 9am.”

    Totally understandable (LOL).


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  5. I’m always envious of everyone’s access to lovely pubs over there, but I’m especially sore to be missing out on this big reopening of the pubs. It’s bound to be a jubilant scene, and one of those little milestones in pub history, I’d imagine.

    I like (The Real) Mark’s idea that they’re not only carefully preparing the beer, but also the potted plants!

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    1. Think of the relief for us pub bloggers who FINALLY have something to write about Mark. You must know the stress of writers block.

      Anyway, posts tomorrow at 9am, 1pm and probably 4pm. At least.

      So excited.

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