Be gentle with us, we’ve never done this before

Said the nice young man letting us into Sheffield Waterworks, after a five minute wait by the Jessica Ennis postbox.

There’s only two of us

Folk seem patient, at least until the coffee machine breaks.

It’s a gorgeous day in Sheffield,

the sun beating down on the pavement outside City Hall.

Stop moaning and get down the pub and drink some microbrewery beer in a Proper Pub.

Sadly, the Low Alcohol Punk is gone, so it’s some craft from Bremen.

Wot no Doom Bar?

All will be explained later.

For now, I’m enjoying the buzz of conversation about staff discounts and “getting mortal” and our great British weather, before I take a pic of the Spoons loos.

20 thoughts on “AND THEY’RE BACK!

      1. You simply can’t get a Pony and Trap before 11 round here. Go easy fella, those pub halves come in proper imperial measures, you’ll soon realise how ill-prepared you are by all those 33cl cans of Chocolate Muffin Porter…

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  1. So you’re so pre-loaded on cans of 10% murk the staff have refused to serve you alcohol? Nevermind, 27 refills of flat white and you can try to scale the Eiger/find the gents.


  2. It’s been snowing heavily, here in the soft south, but as I’m at work, it’s not going to bother me.

    For the record, my first pub-garden pint, is scheduled for tomorrow, when I reach a certain age and can use my new bus pass!

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  3. Hi Martin
    Went to my local ‘spoons at 10am as I didn’t want to appear too eager. Even before I had signed in I noticed something was amiss “What cask do you have on?” says I, hopefully. “We haven’t got any!” came the incongruously cheerful reply, “we are waiting for someone to come and fix the pumps!”

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  4. No trip to the pub today sadly, due to a back injury necessitating strong painkillers. However, when they wear off I do have a minikeg of excellent beer, Harley from Welbeck Abbey Brewery. And, seredipuosly, Harley is the name of the cat that has begun visiting us on a daily basis, usually at cat feeding time.

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  5. Think of the poor people in Wales who have to wait until 26th April 2021 to visit a pub outdoors and who will probably have to wear hazmat suits to do so. Enjoy your drink.


  6. ““Be gentle with us, we’ve never done this before“”

    You’re talking about you posting a photo of a non-alcoholic beer, on today of all days?

    “Folk seem patient, at least until the coffee machine breaks.”

    Coffee? 🙂

    “Sadly, the Low Alcohol Punk is gone, so it’s some craft from Bremen.”

    What, what, what!

    “All will be explained later.”

    I’ll be in a bit of shock for the time being.

    “before I take a pic of the Spoons loos.”

    I thought that was Si’s job? 😉



    PS – Sneaking in a pint before 11am (my time) as my darling wife is not here to give me the hairy eyeball. 🙂


  7. I am eager to read on and discover the further installments of the “Wot no Doom Bar” saga.

    Glad to see you had good weather there. I kept seeing photos of snow in certain areas and thought, “Jeez, the publicans must think they’re operating under some sort of existential curse!”

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