We went for an aimless drive round the Peak and ended up in Penistone, a posh satellite town for Barnsley. It happens.

Hadn’t been for years, no need for the A628 when the A616 gets you to Manchester quickest, but it’s a wonky train ride from Sheffield via micro-mad Barnsley so I’m bound to do a pub visit some day soon.

For now, I showed Mrs RM the cultural highlights.

Actually, the Paramount cinema has handpumps, a bit of a rarity in Penistone. You can take your pint of Acorn (hopefully Gorlovka) into the showing of Ferris Bueller when it re-opens.

Most old folk come here on the Trans Pennine Trail that takes you above the town. Only now do I realise how close we are to Holmfirth, which has a bit more character (and a lot more pubs) than its South Yorkshire neighbour.

At the point above I should have been able to see the Wentworth Arms, my only previous town tick, but that one was converted to flats. Use them or have them converted to retirement properties, folks.

Quite a few clubs, just two Proper Pubs in town, but one of them has nice Tetley windows and one is a Craft Union.

But what’s this ?
Eagle-eyed Mrs RM spotted the word “beer” as we drove past and bade me stop,

Actually she may have seen this;

but that wasn’t open so we had to make do with the bottle shop next door.

You’ll recognise this one, part of a collection curated by Mrs RM using her usual criteria of “what’s strongest ?”. I won’t tell Stafford Paul how much it cost but it would have bought 5 pints in the Craft Union. Worth it, somehow.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel like a town of 23,000 souls, but I suspect it’ll be worth a visit when the Tap and the Craft Union open up indoors, and I’ve a tick to do down the lane in Oxspring.

And I know you want to see the interior of a chemist selling Gillette blades from 892 AD.


  1. I mean, if you’re going to have a criteria, “whatโ€™s strongest” is not a bad one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That Tetley window is lovely indeed. Hard to imagine a brewery having its own stained glass windows nowadays, but who knows, maybe that’s BrewDog’s next move…

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      1. Humphrey put a bit of stained glass in his earlier London acquisitions but not the later ones as the White Rose trademark goes against the anonymity of his pubs.


  2. Ah, Barnsley. First trip there, 2005, residents so hated concept of effete middle-class Real Ale even the Spoons at that time had been shunned, so had closed down. Tried four pubs pre-match and could find nothing but keg. Post-match, as we’d lost 1-0, the locals were then prepared to grudgingly speak and admit there could be some hostelry, 25 mins walk from Oakwell, that might serve flat cask beer to poncey Southerners. Turned out to be an excellent place called Moulders Arms. By time we returned, nearly a decade later, they were queuing round the block to get into not only a new Wetherspoon, but a Brewery Tap with the trendy name of Old No.7 … rather than The Gritty No-effing-Nonsense Miner. If we’d played them for a few years more doubtless could have enjoyed a raft of micropubs, where the good folks of Barnsley now congregate to reflect on how much better things were in the old days.

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    1. A trip with Yeovil in 2005 ? Cup ?

      You got off lightly, it’s all micros now, particularly in the northern suburbs. Old No. 7 a Top 100 pub though.
      The Cons Club used to sell a wondrous pub of Phoenix Wobbly Bob (not joking).


      1. No, have only played Barnsley in the league – six times. We had our fifteen minutes of fame, meeting the likes of Leicester, Burnley, Leeds, Southampton, Brighton, both Sheffields, Blackburn, Watford, Norwich, QPR, Birmingham, Derby County, before quietly returning to our natural level in the Sunday Pub Leagues.


      2. I sort of knew your history, was actually at new Huish in Jan 2005 with Cambridge when you went top Lge 2, I’d just forgot that Barnsley were ever actually NOT in the second tier bar that Prem year !


  3. “For now, I showed Mrs RM the cultural highlights.”

    Egad. A theatre right beside the council chambers? Shouldn’t that be theatre enough? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Use them or have them converted to retirement properties, folks.”

    Alas I feel Covid may hasten that re-branding for many a pub. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    “but one of them has nice Tetley windows and one is a Craft Union.”

    Spread Eagle? I shall be magnanimous and not utter a comment on that.

    “Eagle-eyed Mrs RM spotted the word โ€œbeerโ€ as we drove past and bade me stop,”

    At least it wasn’t spread eagle-eyed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “part of a collection curated by Mrs RM using her usual criteria of โ€œwhatโ€™s strongest ?โ€. ”

    A woman who knows what she wants. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Worth it, somehow.”

    My dear boy, our wives are always worth it.

    “And I know you want to see the interior of a chemist selling Gillette blades from 892 AD.”

    Is ‘stabiished’ early English for ‘begun’?


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  4. Thanks for finding that new microbar-cum-brewery tap, now added to Pubs Galore and to my post-lockdown To Do list. That 9th century pharmacy is also a bit of a find – who knew how advanced the people of the Danelaw were?

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