Ah, but WHICH league ? And is being bottom bad ?

Another easy one for you today. Russ will still have no idea, perhaps he should start a “Guess the Moose” blog.

Nice aerial view from Bing Maps. Is it a pile of unused GBG21s ?

Our mystery town is a favourite of RM for ice creams, architecture and art;

The town’s football club means undefeated in Latin, though in their only FA Cup Proper appearance in 2005 they were defeated by a team of devas who were subsequently wound up.

Our pictorial football clue relates to the name of this “boozer”, however.

That team doesn’t appear to be named after their Scottish town, just to confuse you.

I was in our mystery pub on New Year’s Eve the last time we were able to celebrate Hogmanay in the proper fashion.

It’s rather gorgeous.

Just before I made it there, the eloquent Rosie complained;

i came to ******* ***** with my partner and two kids when we got given our food after a very long wait it was cold and the chicken nuggets my daughter got served was pink inside and my other daughter had ordered the pasta the pasta was over cooked and mushy and with mine and my husbands food it was cold i would personally not recommend going there and i will definable not go back we did get a refund in the end after being rudely spoke to by two of the staff that work there

If she’d known then the pubs would be closed within 5 months she’d have been happy with cold nuggets.


  1. Got the town straight away from the defeated “undefeated” football club and the pub kinda followed on from that. The football ground puzzled me until Dr Google enlightened me about the eponymous civil engineer. I do like a good tenuous Scottish football clue.

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  2. Well ive been in both the pub and the football ground..the most memorable visit when Dundee United defeated the home side in 1983 on their way to the Scottish Premier League title …
    My baptism of the pub is more hazy !

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    1. But that ground’s team *is* named after the town, isn’t it Graeme?

      Couldn’t Martin just have mentioned Don Van Vliet’s bass player instead, if it’s all about someone else’s middle name?

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      1. Of course you are correct Etu , as the team added the town to the name (in 1994 – ok i had to check ๐Ÿ˜‰ so they were single named on my visit in 83 and I think fans and journalists of a certain age still use the antideluvian moniker !

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      2. Yes – the challenge in these isn’t in getting the pub any more. It’s in working out what Martin’s clues have got to do with them ๐Ÿ˜†

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  3. “And is being bottom bad ?”

    Here’s me being decorous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Russ will still have no idea, perhaps he should start a โ€œGuess the Mooseโ€ blog.”

    Hang on. Wouldn’t that be some sort of Monty Python quiz?*

    * e.g. ‘A moose once bit my sister.’

    “Is it a pile of unused GBG21s ?”

    Here’s me being decorous yet again!
    (you’re just doing this because my wife is away)

    “The townโ€™s football club means undefeated in Latin,”

    ( ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Our pictorial football clue relates to the name of this โ€œboozerโ€, however.”

    Ooh, ooh. The Pitch. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “and i will definable not go back”

    Spoken with true eloquence. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “If sheโ€™d known then the pubs would be closed within 5 months sheโ€™d have been happy with cold nuggets.”

    Dunno. I think she’s one of ‘those’ who delights in being miserable.


    PS – I have replied to your request about Little Oblivions here:

    And have also added a 2nd reply that involves actually paying for said music right below. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. โ€œAnd is being bottom bad ?โ€ Possibly not in the New World, which despite being a self-proclaimed meritocracy, appears to regard sporting relegation and promotion as an alien concept generally ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

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  4. Was misled at first when the satellite picture of mud led me to Southend United and then Grimsby Town, both muddy places and both trying hard to come bottom of League Two, but the only reference I could find to Chester City in the FA Cup for 2005 was when they beat Nottingham Forest, not quite so well known for mud. But then when I got a full list of their results I saw that they had also beaten the hitherto-undefeated Folkestone Invicta in the previous round. Sad to see the Invicta now bottom of the Isthmian League Premier after getting no points from no games played. Can’t even give them marks for effort.

    The pub was easy to find – there aren’t many in Folkestone and your predilection for ‘Spoons is world renowned – but the connection to a football club in Scotland took some Googling. From Samuel Morton Peto to Greenock Morton FC, perhaps not such a stretch, though my first guess of Peterhead (“Come on you Peto’s, pull your socks up!”) made for an interesting diversion. The only thing I know about Greenock is that it’s pronounced Gree-nock, the word “green” being accidental and having no connection to the town’s name in Gaelic, Grianaig, which means “sandy place”. Very observant people, those Gaels.


    1. Or you could have put the disgruntled review into “search exact phrase”, which I did after finding the pub the more interesting way.

      It went straight there in a second.

      My recent reading tells me that the particular Celtic ancestors of Greenock’s good folk might have been Cumbric rather than Gaels. Some Welsh claim them as their own.

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  5. I have to lower the tone by saying there is (was) a pub on the main road near Cappielow Park Greenock ..ok for what a friend of mine would describe as ” an emergency pint ” b4 the footie ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿบ ..likely Tennents Lager


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