One sleep to go.

At 8am tomorrow I’ll be in a queue, in the rain, waiting for life to start.

Yes. An actual new tick.

Will it be a pint in a picture postcard village boozer, bench seating and BBB?

Find out tomorrow. Here’s a very minor clue where I’ll be.


If you’re going to the pub tomorrow, well done you. It won’t be your fault if your Edwardian boozer is shut at Christmas. It’ll be the fault of the Government.

If you go, follow the rules, and be nice to the staff. They hate this more than you do.

And they’re heroes.


  1. I’m in California so I’m going to set my alarm for midnight. I expect posts though out the day. I’m sure the Fourth of July has always been special to you but no more so than this year. Enjoy.

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      1. Lurking for years but first comment . I love your posts, pictures and especially your references to alternative 80s music (you probably call it 80s music over there).

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  2. Wise words indeed! Hope you enjoy your visit tomorrow, and don’t find out that you’ve gone off pubs in the time you’ve been away 😉

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      1. Glad to hear it!

        Thanks Martin. We’ll be back for sure – and expect a royal visit when you’re next up ticking in this part of the world! (Preferably when we’re around this time…!)


  3. See, when other people talk about “things getting back to normal,” they mean going to concerts and people being able to shake hands again. Me, I mainly think of it as Martin getting back to ticking GBG pubs.

    Okay, and Simon too. 😉


    1. I feel for Simon. His London plans are just a bit too soon for the train. Still be some good York pubs though.

      I’m missing gigs too, but I fear they’re a long way off if people won’t go back until there are no cases or a vaccine. At least in pubs you can avoid people!

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      1. If a lot of the Old Boys aren’t going to venture out for a pint yet, how little cask is going to be sold this summer. If it gets warm, how bad will quality be for the next few months?


      2. But as some of the last words to a certain film were, “you can’t kill a squadron”, Paul.


      1. 5.21am train from Waterbeach ?
        Wheatsheaf at Borough Market for opening time ?


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