It’s here. I haven’t been so excited since the 13th May 2012. And we know how that ended.

Today is the day we’ll see “carnage”, a “bun fight” “Sodom and Maidenhead” rolled into one. If you listen to the BBC, most of whose reporters consider the Ivy to be their ideal pub.

Well done to Kate Nicholls, head of UK Hospitality, for her leadership through this hysteria.

I’m in a pub as I write this, waiting for licensing start of 9am.

Your last chance to guess where I am.


Thrillingly, the town I’ve chosen to restart pub life is WONDERFUL. A group of lads 4 meters away are discussing Wu Wus and sausages. All is well.

If you’re back at a pub today, say thanks to the staff.

If we’re not back soon, we’re on the eve of destruction of our pub stock. And our children aren’t going to give up their pensions to keep pubs in aspic for us.




14 thoughts on “THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION

      1. Camper…sand…ampersand…the term ampersand is a corruption of “and per se and”, which literally means “the character – “&” – by itself is the word and.” The symbol “&” is derived from the ligature of “et”, which, as I’m sure you don’t need even me to tell you, is the Latin word for “and.”

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