South Yorkshire ? Just Sheffield, innit ?


Home to great pubs and pub legends drinking Stones out of a can.


Sorry, Roger, I know that I foisted that on you.

We’ve just admitted to our neighbours that we may be leaving for Sheffield at some point.

“Sheffield ? That’s nearly Yorkshire, isn’t it ?”

Yes, man. According to the GBG it is.


Now, if I’m hoping to live there it ought to be in my Top 10, with long-standing Guide entries,


pubs with flood markers,


and pubs with proper cheap grub. Oh, you again, Fat Cat.


More than that, Sheffield is a place you’ll find 25 AND 55 year old blokes, like in the wonderful Ale House.


I believe they may have some breweries, too.


Good curry and kebabs in The Wicker or Kommune, and two Proper football grounds at Bramall Lane and Hillsborough, where I took this iconic shot at what may have been my last ever City match in March.


Those who say South Yorkshire is just Meadowhall Sheffield have never seen Rotherham at sunset.


or the brutalist gems at Wath,


or the beauties of revitalised Doncaster, where our first son was conceived next to an overgrown graveyard,


or the decisive Landlady of Darton;

What should I have then?”

“Ooh, I like the Sharps Sunset Red

or our hero from Hoyland,

“There’s nowt such thing as bad beer, it’s just they that keep it that spoil it” – Brad, The Furnace


Who know what joys GBG21 will bring (I do, and I’m not telling you) ?

Oh, you think I forgot Barnsley ?

Barnsley is all fluffy jumpers, innit ?


15 thoughts on “TOP 10 COUNTIES – No.4 – SOUTH YORKSHIRE

    1. We have hills too in Sheffield. Some of them have houses built on them. Anyone having a drink in the Fat Cat during periods of heavy rain is advised to leave, pdq.


  1. “South Yorkshire ? Just Sheffield, innit ?”

    Works for me. 😉

    “Home to great pubs and pub legends drinking Stones out of a can.”

    Blimey. Pub legends can do anything! Even ‘drink’ stones. Does that mean they can drink small rocks or that they drink their weight in beer? 😉

    “pubs with flood markers,”

    Hah! Proof Global Warming, um… Climate Change… is a myth! 🙂

    “Oh, you again, Fat Cat.”

    Why do they have lines between the first three main listings as they’re all the same price?

    “Sheffield is a place you’ll find 25 AND 55 year old blokes”

    Is it ok to pretend you’re 55, even if you’re a bit older?

    “or the brutalist gems at Wath,”

    What the bloody hell is THAT?

    “where our first son was conceived next to an overgrown graveyard,”

    Would one call that an ironic juxtaposition*?
    (that is not to imply said ‘position’ was one you may have been employing) 😉

    ““There’s nowt such thing as bad beer, it’s just they that keep it that spoil it””

    Now that’s well earned wisdom!

    “Barnsley is all fluffy jumpers, innit ?”

    And, apparently, awful Christmas gift sweaters.



  2. Martin,
    I thought you would select a part of Yorkshire but expected that the Autovacs would put West Yorkshire on your list.


      1. Definitely. 🙂 I remember the town centre being very good in my youth – but it has gradually and constantly declined over the years. My two favourite memories of the town are:
        1. Sitting in the Odeon cinema fon the opposite bank of the River Don from the Don Forge – the forge hammers made the cinema vibrate – bit like an early Dolby surround sound!
        2. Watching a Def Leppard concert at Clifton Hall – before they were famous obviously 😉

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