Seems I ruffled some feathers by suggesting that Mapplewell was Posh Barnsley, with its £10 burgers, £12 haircuts and pashmina subculture.  Clearly only our very own Pauline can definitively call this result, and I’ll be crowdfunding for her to survey the Old Bakery on our behalf.

Posh Barnsley north of the Dearne
Happy Hour !

This is a another classy micro bar, some way from the Herne mould.  Proper tables, Happy Hours,  Prosecco, gins, fresh flowers and as many ladies as men.  More licensed café than pub, but anything that produces a mixed crowd is fine by me.  As long as they don’t offer me tasters.

Loads of cushions.

No escaping the cushions

Paul Weller and Fleetwood Mac the soundtrack to a classy place that was experiencing a bit of a stand-off at the bar.

Stand-off at the Mapplewell micro

Anyone who’s read this blog for more than a month will recognise the breweries, always a good thing.  I went for Belgian Blue, the Citra of South Yorkshire.

Che Guevara awaiting complaints from Mr Whiney

The first three pints pulled were Veltins, a posh Fosters and Aspalls, a posh White Lightning.  Then the gentlefolk piled in.

“Large glass of white and I dare say he’ll have a pint of Belgian Blue” signalling to hubby at the door.

Homely. Don’t knock it

There you go.  As the chap at Elsecar told me, the Blue is ubiquitous.  Could it be the next Plum Porter ?

Cool & refreshing – NBSS 3+

Dunno, but it’s good to see a few new local cask beers challenging The Usual. I left before Happy Hour kicked off, and headed back to Darton.






    1. Ah. South’s best from my POV.

      The miners and steelworkers stuck together.

      In Halifax etc., the mill girls hoped that they might marry the mill owners’ sons. It’s no coincidence that Last Of The Summer Wine was set in West Yorks.

      That’s only a minor simplification, of the social and industrial history of the two areas, you understand…


  1. Your thoughts on Bradfield Belgian Blue? It’s a big seller when they brew it, usually pre Christmas. I would have said it might not be to the S.Yorks taste, but what do I know, obviously nothing. Nothing wrong with it at all, but .. Like my son said, it’s alright, but I wouldn’t want another one. One plus point it’s good that people are trying and liking different things. I’m not sure it tastes over ‘Belgiany’ though?

    Point of order too… those weren’t Pashminas, they were recycled blankets that they used for the ponies down the pit, that’s when there used to be Collieries, of course.

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    1. Point of order accepted.

      I’m with your son. I like the sherbert kick you get, but actually I prefer their Blonde. Do you think the colour is a feature in the appeal; it looks continental, even if it tastes not a jot Belgian.

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      1. I would probably have gone for the White Prussian. I’ve not been disappointed by the Elland brewery. My some-time local stocked their beers for a while, but seems to have stuck with Saltaire for the time being, so I’ve not seen them for a while. Not that there’s any problem whatsoever with the latter.


    2. “it’s good that people are trying and liking different things” – yes, so of all those thousands of breweries out there which one’s going to give us a 6½% Apricot Porter Grand Reserve ?

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      1. Like I say it’s almost ubiquitous across a wide swathe of outer NW Sheffs, W.Barnsley, Penistone area – well brewed ale with traditional roots, whilst being progressive, but without going too far for the conservative taste. It’s the future.

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  2. “with its £10 burgers, £12 haircuts” –Possibly a UK vs USA difference here. A £10 burger sounds extremely expensive to me, while a £12 haircut sounds like quite a common price here in the States.

    Oddly enough I can enjoy a great many Belgian beers, regardless of how ‘Belgiany’ they might taste, while the American super-hoppy IPAs and experimental stouts and so forth still do nothing for me.


    1. I’ve paid a lot more than £10 for a burger, which of course can range from a cheap 4oz patty to a proper 8ox bit of beef. Burgers cost less in Spoons, of course. Same with barbers (except they won’t cut your hair. Yet).

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    1. It’s funny how we’re outraged when posh incomers take over old pubs as houses and keep the old name (Red Lion, The Star in our village), but we don’t complain when pubs take over the names of much-loved Co-Ops and Bakeries ;-0


  3. “Posh Barnsley north of the Dearne”

    That would be Smithies of course. 🙂

    “and as many ladies as men”

    I initially read that as ladies men… still reeling from the Gillette Youtube thingy.
    (or is Barnsely the Bangkok of the north?)

    “I went for Belgian Blue, ”

    For a second I thought you were placing your bet on the stand-off between the wee doggies.

    “Could it be the next Plum Porter ?”

    In keeping with alliteration it would have to be brobdingnagian. 😉



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