And so to Darton, a solid looking bit of north Barnsley that has suddenly sprouted a couple of micro bars to entice you away from the town’s Conservative Club.

I’m more than slightly staggered to read the village has a population of 21,345, as many as Bridgnorth and Bewdley combined. It’s seemingly served by two new micro bars and a trad pub by the junction.

Perhaps the Old Sunday School will get turned into a Spoons when Tim has more time on his hands.

Or another micro

Dark Darton by now, as I waited for the clock to tick round to 5pm.  The church is both awe-inspiring and spooky.

Oooh, scary

I walked past the Old Co-op thrice.  The lights were on, a trio of people sat in the corner by the fire, but the sign against the wall said 5.  “Open/Closed “signs on the door are so old-fashioned, aren’t they ?


At 5pm, with no movement inside, I gave the door a short pull.  Nothing.  Another walk round the block. Then a local tipped up, I gave the door a firmer pull, it opened.

We were open, you should have pulled harder.”  said our blunt owner.

I’ll be blunt.  You should stick an open/closed sign on your door and stand at the bar when you’re serving.

The house beer is called Grumpy’s Ale, make of that what you will.  As so often in this situation, the beer was superb, the Tim Taylor’s Dark Mild a 3.5/4 that I pointedly complimented our hero on.

I didn’t take any photos.  It’s just a micro pub.



16 thoughts on “BUT ARE YA OPEN ?

  1. Almost as irritating as the pubs which have a number of apparent entrances, but which do not identify the ones which are not operational, Martin.

    In fact, just as irritating.


    1. You’ll appreciate that I’m telling this because I felt a bit of a prat for not giving the door a real barge, but also because the folk in there clearly made no effort to help my attempted entrance. A lot of micros (see: Withernsea) have folk walking about in them well before opening and you can’t rely on opening times anymore.

      For the classic wrong entrance drama, read here;

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      1. And don’t you just love that sticky door, where the force required to barge it open is only marginally less than what would be needed to batter it off its hinges completely? And you’re somehow supposed to know?

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      2. If micropubs aren’t going to have proper furniture and proper toilets or open proper hours then they’re certainly not going to employ a doorman.

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  2. I’ve no doubt the Barnsley folk inside were having a good laugh at the soft Southerner having trouble with the door.
    And they would have known you were a Southerner instinctively – what with your poncy new hairdo.
    You should know by now they don’t take prisoners in Yorkshire.

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    1. It’s a meaningless distinction for me, to be fair, though I can see how you or Dick would quickly distinguish places in the States from those American pubs. Quite a few of these new micro pubs for middle-class gin drinkers (Cardiff, Mapplewell, Ashbourne) are more licensed cafes than bars.


  3. “I’m more than slightly staggered to read the village has a population of 21,345”

    Blimey. But, if there’s no town hall or mayor then it’s still a village.

    “The church is both awe-inspiring and spooky.”

    Phew. Without that it’d be an overly large hamlet. 🙂

    “You should stick an open/closed sign on your door and stand at the bar when you’re serving.”

    And maybe a sign to indicate the door bloody sticks as well.

    “The house beer is called Grumpy’s Ale, make of that what you will.”

    ‘Nuff said. 😉



  4. “Tim Taylor’s Dark Mild a 3½ / 4″ – and I was reminded yesterday how good their beer can be.
    I went to Stafford’s Kings Arms for a pint of Draught Bass but TT”s Golden Best was on so that’s what I had and it was lovely.
    With Oakham Citra, Sharps Doom Bar and a Black Sheep beer making up the five I thought it was a good choice to suit varied tastes.

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