In case you’re alarmed, the **** is BRAP, whose Adventure rather ran to ground in the Darton Tap in January, when a lack of careful planning meant a trip to a South Yorkshire chemist as humiliating as the one taken by Suggs in “House of Fun”.

The results were hilarious.

In honour of that classic BRAPA post I’ve decided to steal Si’s famous map. Very Treasure Island.

Of course, his map doesn’t even show the Darton Tap he did speculatively then, but does show the Bargain Booze so fair enough.

My adventure started at Meadowhall after the tour of Sheffield.

Millions of folk visit Meadowhall annually for this view of the M1.

Less folk stop off at Darton, but that may change as there are now FIVE GBG entries within a mile of the station, three of them new micros.

I’m almost certain I popped in here while waiting for the door to open at the Old Co-op. You remember, the one with the door that didn’t open.

But shoddy record keeping meant that, as in Lost, I had to go back.

It’s a bit arty and modern.

Just me and the nice lady, a South Yorks micro specialty.

What should I have then?”

“Ooh, I like the Sharps Sunset Red

Well, you have impeccable taste then, as this was rich, cool and gorgeous, and served in an improbably chunky glass. NBSS 4 (and £3 a pint).

No idea who this “Sharp’s” are, but I reckon they could have a breakout hit with this.

Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac played, the light streamed in, the Landlady candidly told me the difference between Darton and Mapplewell, it was another away win for Yorkshire micros.

Just how long will all this good cheer last?


  1. “BAPP Group Limited” on the map is probably the local bakery.

    Friends in our next road have just had a weeks holiday in Penzance. Maybe they went in search of that Sharps Sunset Red.

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