You have to be careful with old signs and sayings on the walls of your pub, of course, but this one at Thorpe Hesley looks OK.

Red Lion,on a hill

The joke didn’t quite justify the 32 minute trip from Parkgate, but a ticks a tick.

Thorpe Hesley

Not sure what I can tell you about Thorpe Hesley. Middling old mining village of Waterbeach, inevitable Wesley link, lots of new housing and this telling stat;

There is no post office, one petrol station and four public houses.

Used to be the Mason’s in the GBG, now we get the Red Lion.

IPA, Boltmaker and Farmer’s ? Mainly Moretti, actually.

The Farmer’s stronghold

Bit smart, good mixed crowd, but a return to the Taylor’s that tastes like cold tea.

Mrs RM at home here

I gave my half a bit of space to breathe in the lovely garden, where a lover’s tiff was about to start. Good blog material, but I’m no voyeur (am I ?).

View to the Tetley pub

Luckily, the Red Lion had make excellent provision for those needing to make a quick getaway…


13 thoughts on “WELL, I LAUGHED

  1. Only on Retired Martin’s blog does a photo of a pint next to a potted plant tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the beer. πŸ™‚

    “Mainly Moretti, actually.” –Interesting to me that Moretti has made such inroads in England, as I always thought the popular reputation of Italian beer was that it wasn’t very good. I wonder if people associated the brand with fond memories of vacations in Italy, and that was enough for it to get a foothold. (I reckon Corona has benefited from something like this among American consumers.)


  2. That sign did indeed make me laugh. Thanks for that Martin. πŸ™‚

    Sadly, I won’t be commenting for a bit longer yet. My dear old mum passed away on Saturday (she was 89 and still lived on her own). She’d suffered a fall two weeks ago which either was caused by a stroke or caused the stroke. My sister and I (both having Power of Attorney with a medical clause) had to make the painful decision to take her off her IV and antibiotics last Tuesday (via by conference call by me as I was on the other end of the country – and had a quiet cry by myself after I hung up). I am flying down to help my sister with the estate (we are co-executors). Hopefully we can get most of the paperwork sorted out, or at least started, in about 10 days or so. We shall see.

    Keep blogging old chap and I shall return. πŸ™‚



    1. Russ,
      Very sorry to hear that.
      That she had a quality of life till the end at a good age might perhaps in time be seen as a bit of a blessing.


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