Two more sleeps till the pubs open, then no more football programme posts.  If you buy our house (contact Jeremy @ Hockeys) I’ll throw in the programmes AND the Bass rarity.

I’ve had a few people with an L4 postcode query why my June Review skipped the Scousers Premier League win, their first ever.

One simple reason.

2018 – Never forget

I was actually in Wolverhampton the night the Scousers tried to redecorate our team coach.  I expect they’ll get a better reception at the Etihad tonight.

Seriously, they’re a great team, their title well-deserved*, and Jurgen Klopp is a wonderful human being. And Liverpool isn’t far behind Manchester in the League Table of Cities.

In the mud mid-60s Shankly had turned them from a team embarassed by Worcester in the Cup in ’59 to world beaters.

Though they won the League that season they lost this Cup tie in ’66.

Score inked devalues programme from 50p to 5p, an R rate of -10

Don’t worry about those “Honours”; they came before the birth of proper football in 1992 and can safely be ignored.

Some famous names back in ’66;

Note “Leicester the Great”

Top breweriana, too. Higsons, Bent and Threlfalls, the holy trinity till the Dusanjis arrived in the ’90s.

Advertising in the red and the blues programmes

In ’66 England won the World Cup, thanks to the Russians, and football got a boost not seen again till we won it again in 1996 under Venables.

18 months on,  we find the programme price up to 6d (R = 1.5, panic !!!), paying for the new League insert that cost a shilling individually.

Action shot
Great pic

The Football League Review was stapled into quite a few club programmes in a giant Bass mirror factory on the outskirts of Wrexham. and lasted to the 3 day week.

Colourful and providing a less stuffy view of the game, it foresaw woke culture by 50 years.

Here we see Jack Charlton “taking the knee” in Leeds,

Not supposed to smile,Jaack

and here’s the ladies getting their own back on men for being objectified since 7,000 BC.

Ron Davies @No.3

By 1967 Leeds crafties Tetley had joined in the fun.

Great phone number

Oooh, the Crown.  What a fine idea.

Cor (1)
Cor (2)
Cor (you get the idea)

Enjoy wearing the crown, Liverpool.  As Echo & the Bunnymen once sang;



*shame about the asterisk that will follow 2019-20 in the record books.



24 thoughts on “IN PRAISE OF LIVERPOOL

  1. Top Ten No. 10 I believe should be Bobby Kerr, although his brother was actually called George and was then playing for Oxford United.

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  2. Top post! Love the pre 1992 line, jack Charlton taking the knee and Worcester beating Liverpool…the pub looks decent too!
    I remember Football League Review inside the seventies programmes in particular!


      1. I thought it was wonderful last year, but then I did have the company of Stafford Paaul, which can light up the drabbest pub.

        The Crown is ornate, but it had the feel of a Solihull boozer. And the London Pride was particularly good.


  3. Bill Shankly – legend, and look at some of those old programmes – surnames only!

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but did Jack Charlton really have his own tailoring business? I know wages were low for football professionals, and the story is that the winning England team actually travelled to the Wembley final, by an ordinary service bus back in 1966, but did top-flight players still need a daytime job to keep the wolf from the door?

    ps. I remember watching that legendary final with my dad, on our old black and white TV.

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      1. Back in the early 1970’s, George Best had an interest in a Manchester nightclub. It’s rather non- pc name was the “Slack Alice!”


    1. “surnames only” – Yes, and so I’m not to know if the “BEST” playing for Northampton in 1967 was the (in)famous George.

      The 1966 World Cup Final was the only football match I’ve ever watched on television. It must have been during the holidays as we were at my grandparent’s bungalow in Kent.

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      1. Royal Oak, 25 High Street, Eccleshall “Once owned by Sir Geoff Hurst of 1966 World Cup fame” or maybe leased from Burtonwood.
        “Sir Geoff Hurst ….. ran the Sheet Anchor in Baldwins Gate”,

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  4. Visited the Sheet Anchor in 1979 when it was a Good Beer Guide pub. Geoff Hurst (not yet a sir) was in the pub car park cleaning out the drains.

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