Tense times at Taylor Towers, as I wait to see if I’ll have pubs to blog about visit on 4th July.

The cupboard of football programes is running low, and I can’t keep recycling that same photo of Draught Bass forever (or can I ?).

Anyway, THIS is apparently what I’m going back to on the 4th at the earliest (watch the video).

I’m looking forward to the video Humphrey Smith is making at the Boar’s Head.

Liverpool doesn’t have a Sam Smith’s; it’s why Mancunians look down on Scousers.

Today’s football programme (6d) comes from Liverpool, though as a child I was convinced that Everton played in a small Bedfordshire village and wondered why Dad never took me to see a game there.

Similar misunderstandings apply to Rhodesia (Notts), Bethlehem (Wales) and Great Grimsby (Grimsby).


Design classic

Some things never change.

Liverpool top, Sheffield United 6th, Everton 10th.  But this was Northampton‘s year.

Nottm. Forrest were stripped of one of those “r”s following the Ian Woan scandal

A nice simple read, and a lovely advert for the local brewery.

Best use of “wet your whistle” since Maltmeister last visited a pub

I know nothing of Threlfall’s, but of course the Tand does.

You’ll have to walk to Bootle to see the Pacific Hotel and that magnificent livery, and unless you’re me you won’t be doing that, will you ?


Bought and (naturally) closed by Whitbread the year after this FA Cup winning Everton team had dismantled Forest/Forrest 3-0, Threlfalls had left the Everton programme by the time I reach the Champions brochure of 1970.

20p !!

That souvenir is worth 20p for this marvellous piece of Scouse humour,

You wag

Johnny Morrissey playfully checking his watch in injury time as Bremner and Reaney share in the joke.

More Liverpool pubs next time, as another famous old name takes over the programme.  No, it’s not Cloudwater.

Proper foliage










    1. Don’t think we don’t appreciate all you key workers at this time. said the same to BRAPA. Know it’s hard work and am grateful. Looks like we’re coming out the other side, however slowly,


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