More from Liverpool, as my Everton programmes reach the ’70s, the decade when goalies were finally allowed to dive to attempt to prevent goals.

GOAL !!  No, save

Everton spent the decade in the  shadow of their Stanley Park neighbours, writing songs about their ” ‘istree” and attempting to develop their commercial income through a range of cuddly toys made in Sevenoaks.

If you have one of these they’re worth about £7,000 now.

Arctic House

All the players lived within a goal kick of the ground, and in 1977 former star and local legend Tommy Clinton (who ?) had perfected the “glamour shot“,

Not staged at all

A nice cup of tea” from the Church of Luke the Evangelist was the best option for your pre-match pint back in ’77, but it was Higsons who’d taken over from Threlfall’s as the pint of choice.

In the queue for takeout at the Sun tonight the guy from Woolton reminisced with me about tank beer at the White Horse.


Higsons went the way of Threlfall, devoured by Whitbread in the ’80s, before being revived  a la Truman’s in 2005.

Better than expected

The Everton supporter from Bootle or Kirkdale probably drank Carlsberg at the Tetley pubs back then.

More Tets

By 2010, they were drinking Chang, as Everton succumbed to the lure of the Baht as they chased United and the Cockneys.

Heroically priced

I took my two lads to Goodison for this match, a 2-0 Everton inspired by a Fellini drag back.

They’d spent the night in a Runcorn Premier Inn and still thought Everton was a journey back in time; “If you know your ‘istree“, metal posts obscuring the view, the sound of Tim Howard kicking the goalposts.

Truly, the People’s Club.




12 thoughts on “HIGH HOPES & HIGSONS

      1. It’s perhaps more a reflection of the pubs in which I was drinking it – I didn’t have it often enough to be a reliable witness.

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    1. Higson’s beers were pretty good, from what I remember. They had a pub in Stockport, that I’m sure Mudgie will recall. It sold Bass, as well as Higson’s own ales.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. T’other Paul,
        Yes, I remember their Bitter as quite well hopped, and the George as their pub in Stockport, a convenient outpost as was their Bull and Stirrup in Chester.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. I don’t remember it being that good!

      In hindsight, possibly (likely) on the turn the only time I had it but in those days I didn’t know you could take it back & bleat for a replacement (& as a Londoner visiting my sister in the wilds of Toxteth, every chance I wouldn’t have dared anyway).

      Liked by 1 person

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