What did you do during the Corona, Daddy ?”

I re-read old football programmes, took photos of local closed pubs and ate crispy shredded beef, Son“.

For those who are collecting the set, Fen Ditton is Number 87 in the series of Your Top 100 Cambridgeshire Villages.  A special folder is available from the usual address.

Fen Ditton
NOT a Cambridge suburb, screams Colonel Mustard of Green End, Fen Ditton

Only 860 souls, says Wiki, which must exclude the rambling spread of council housing stretching from the old railway line down to Newmarket Road McDonalds.

The re-opening of the Maccy D’s has forced the re-deployment of half the county’s police force to manage traffic flow into the Drive Thru.

On that Ditton definition I’m not sure if  the Catholic church of St. Vincent de Paule is strictly Fen Ditton, but it’s definitely the most distinctive sight on the slow trek up Ditton Lane.

See the source image

Three pubs for 860 people.  It used to be four for 847, but the Blue Lion was converted to executive homes so Dittonians lost their IPA and burger deals.

So you’ve got the ancient Ancient Shepherds, the ancient beamed dining pub.


It only re-opened a couple of years ago, tempting/repulsing us with its Ghost Ship and Ease Up in those horrific Adnams glasses.

Make Mrs RM have the Adnams glass
Lovely garden

Walk past the tat and the bright orange house,

Hard to miss

and next to the almshouses you’ll find the genuine village boozer.

Obligatory bike

Back in 2018 I wrote

No food, 4pm opening, a cheery welcome, decent Greene King IPA on the pumps, and determinedly catering for the boozing needs of real local folk. And there are few higher compliments I can give.”

Just like the Sun, but without those guest beers

Past more posh houses with growling dogs.

82.7% of houses here are thatched
I delivered charity leaflets here once, never again

and you reach the pub that defines Fen Ditton.

The Plough is the riverside dining pub, beloved of generations of office Xmas lunch bookers, from which you watch The Bumps, or you would if not for you-know-what.

Sneaky view

The entrance was blocked, so I had to climb a tree to take a useless photo.  Better to look at the on-line menu to get a sense of it.


with chorizo, butternut purée, roasted shallots, cavolo nero, dauphinoise potatoes, pesto and a bordelaise jus  22.95

This’ll be a good place to The New Normal in action come July.

I was going to walk from Ditton over Stourbridge Common into town, but I got put off by the rain. Or perhaps the cows.


Finally, it’s good to see the Church of England offering help to the local community in these difficult times;

(well done)

Just a reminder, by dialing my 0898 number  you can hear the comforting sound of me reading out random NBSS scores from my trip to Douglas in 2018.  




5 thoughts on “FEN DITTON’S BUMPY RIDE

  1. Forty years since I rowed past the Plough in the college rugby boat, not been back since I’m afraid. Shepherds looks well worth a look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well it sounds like essential travel to me, Scott, but the Foreign Office and insurer may agree.
      Shame, the pubs in St Peter Port serve some of the best beer, sorry soup, in the GBG.


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