No, not the bubbles in Prosecco, but my consumption of pints of soda water while driving BRAPA round rural Cambridge must have tipped the supply of CO2 over the edge.

Not that I’d have known what CO2 was, having scraped a CSE Grade 4 by spelling my name right in 1981.

Anyway, 3 new ticks for Si, starting at the famed Five Miles from Anywhere.

Actually closer to 3.76 miles, pedants, or 298 miles from where I’m writing this now.

Almost my closest Beer Guide pub to home as the crow flies, but I’m not a crow.

Renowned for gentlefolk staring at the river, large portions of stodge and a swarm of bumblebees, one of which fell in my soda and imbued it with a taste of honey. It could catch on. “Waggledance” said Si, quick as a flash.

Some decent banter outside, anyway.

Don’t spoil Father’s Day !” (it wasn’t Father’s Day).

And some scary dogs eating human remains. BRAPA has pics.

Five miles from the Five Miles, we reached Haddenham, home of the exemplar functional Greene King Diner, where I quickly realised that too much soda can make you explode, and Simon had a rematch with Judgey Jesus (below).

The Three Kings at least has a fair share of what we politely call “Tradesmen” i.e. folk with proper jobs.

Rarely has there been such a disconnect between the tempting pump clips on the wall and the reality on the bar. “You’re in Ely CAMRA now” I said to Si, as if that explained it.

Simon remained unconvinced of the pubby merits of a place best known for permanent Groupon offers.

No Groupon in the Bank in the farmer central that is Willingham, but a bargain bucket of what some would call Craft.

For a (spit) micro, it’s quite pubby, and the banter was distinctly rural, as folk discussed fertiliser discounts rather than the merits of the Cloudwater DIPA unexpectedly on the bar. Or perhaps the shame brought on the village by those thin Adnams glasses.

And that was that for SiFest 18, bar a pre-emptive pint in our local. I do hope he’s kind in his write-up.

NB Look closely at the top photo and you can see Si’s secret notes. I do hope he won’t do a Southgate and stop playing darts with me now.

13 thoughts on “MY PART IN THE GREAT CO2 SHORTAGE OF 2018

  1. Ah, yes, and it wasn’t many years until that ‘Water Waste Preventer’ evolved into the Autovacs we love to see up t’north.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ““Don’t spoil Father’s Day !” (it wasn’t Father’s Day).”

    Hang on. It could have been just one father rather the day devoted to fathers everywhere. 😉

    “and Simon had a rematch with Judgey Jesus (below).”

    I take it the explanation of that will be in Si’s write-up.

    With regards to the Thomas Crapper poster, he expanded from 50 to 52 and then 54 as he needed a crap load of room? 🙂



  3. I hate to raise this again but it looks more like 5 hours than 5 miles…is your route finder set to include Maidenhead in all routes?…

    The entrance to a pub doesn’t come much more impressive than at the Robert the Bruce…was it previously the Cambridgeshire branch of the Bank of England?

    Seeing Little Thetford on the map it made me think (as I do …random largely unrelated thoughts) that the elastic valve closet on the Crapper poster may well be the precursor to the famous Thetford portable toilet so loved by caravanners and campers….

    Great Simon photo – I suspect that will become a classic in its own time…and will sell thousands of wall posters….


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