Possibly my last takeaway pint before the big pub reopening on Saturday.  You might have heard about that.

Beer always tastes better in a straight glass, sat on bench seating, discussing pub life with someone called Paul, doesn’t it ?

The great man in the Codsall Bull

Well, yes, of course.

But needs must, till Saturday. On my little trip to enjoy sunshine over the Backs tonight my choice was limited.

Pint Shop

I really should learn to appreciate Cambridge before I leave it forever.

This little street (Malting Lane) between Newnham and Ridley Hall really is gorgeous.

Needs a Sam Smiths pubs to complete it

Mill Lane down by the punts on the Cam is still where the youth (under 55) turn to in Summer, once the undergrads have headed home to Berkshire and Surrey.

No punts, just the odd canoe and this hipster heading for Silver Street.


In common with all the Greene King pubs in town, the Anchor looks a bit forlorn.

Good place to watch tourists fall in the murk

But The Mill has been milking it for a while now, serving socially distanced pints with that all-important plastic lid to folk lounging by the river.

Colourful dustbins
Hand lotion NOT gin

Last time here it was all keg to take out.  Tonight they had the Southwold Best.

Stick to beer

SO friendly, thrilled to be back on the 4th (“YES WE ARE“) and prepared myself for an NBSS 3 pint of your 7th favourite BBB.

Bikes everywhere

Reader, it was a 4.  These things matter to people who put quality over choice.

I was transported back to a time in in the late ’90s when you went to Southwold for beer rather than sourdough and pashminas.

Rich, full-bodied, complex.

I told you that thin Adnams glass ruined their beers.





  1. That Malting Lane looks glorious. Even without a Sam Smiths.

    I laughed at the “your 7th favourite BBB” line, thinking it was a reference to no one being particularly enthusiastic about their devotion to Adnams. But then the following sentences made me think you might be reevaluating them now?


    1. It’s quite a rarity for me to stumble on a previously unexplored little street, though I don’t explore the University quarter much. “Wow” I thought.

      You’re right on Adnams. A bit like Landlord or London Pride, it’s ubiquitous in a certain sort of pub restaurant, rarely at its best.

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      1. Yes, Adnams Southwold Bitter is one of my favourite beers.
        I never drank it as often as I should have done in the Holly Bush at Salt not far from me. Licensee Geoff Holland, 67, died earlier this year and his son Geoff, who had been the youngest licensee in the country, died three years earlier.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 67. That’s no age. Won’t even be state retirement age soon.

        You’re right, the Adnams in Salt was excellent.

        Take my word for it, it’s rarely that good. Even their own pubs in Southwold serve more wine and lager than Bitter.


  2. “sat on bench seating, discussing pub life” – yes, I remember it well, an hour after being accused of “shouting” in Wolverhampton ( I’ll get over it ) enjoying a pint of Banks’s before Codsall Station opens and then it was t’other Mudgie, t’other Paul and a few others from the Beer and pubs forum on a Proper Day Out in Shifnal.

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    1. Oh, you can get over most things.

      Why, when I was seven, my blonde, perfumed class teacher put me over her thigh, and spanked me, for karate-chopping pencil crayons, and I got over that. So there you are.

      Well, I think I got over it…


      1. No, but I’m perhaps just slightly wary of ladies with blonde hair to this day. Completely lost it, she did.


  3. pavement bitter will be something you tell your grandchildren about. they will rush to your feet asking “grandpa, tell us about the summer of pavement bitter again”

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    1. Cookie,
      And before long someone will think up “street beer” and it’ll be heard as much as that “street food” I don’t understand.


      1. I remember the Golden Age opening in Chadsmoor during 1972 I think to replace the Crown and having a pint of M&B Mild on the first evening.


  4. Why the inconsistencies in how prices are shown on “THE MILL MENU”?
    £6.00 £5.00
    £6 £5
    £4.10 £3.10
    £6.1 £5.5 £4.5 £2.5

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