These short posts may lack drama, but they’re certainly helping me clean up my One Drive (I don’t understand, ask Mrs RM). Some of the photos are upside down and I can’t work out what they are.


Inspired by Pint & Pubs, we seem to be visiting quite a few Cambridge pubs this year on those days when “family stuff” confines us to Dullsvile.

On our latest pathetic six mile walk, from the Station to Arbury and back again, Mrs RM made a sudden dash into the Punter, as is her human right. The toilets in the Castle Inn are easier to access in a hurry, but never mind.

It’s been a decade since we chanced a half of Adnams Bitter in the preposterously named Sino Tap, though it was doing a brisk and innovative food trade even then.

Pubs that change their name, and presumably licensee, every few years will struggle to make the Beer Guide.  That said, there’s a lot of quality, if a lack of boozers, outside the GBG.  A cask line-up as simple as this is as good as Enterprise gets in Cambridge;


With a pint of Ghost Ship and crisps in hand I scoured the pub garden for Mrs RM.  Five minutes later I tracked her down to the stable block, where she was making notes for her next conservatory makeover.


If my garage looks like this in a month’s time I’ll be moving house.

The courtyard garden is a gem though.  Mrs RM called it “BoHo“, an odd mix of Bolsover and Horwich presumably. I thought Kemp Town or Bedminster. (“KeBe” ?).

An extremely pleasant space to consume alcoholic units and calories, though the other punters (see what I did there) didn’t seem to be doing much drinking. It’s the new puritanism.


The pub, inside and out, was even better than the beer itself (NBSS 3), which was a bit over-frothed (that long pull again), and ruined by that ridiculous Adnams glass. It had an intriguing, and not unpleasant, yeasty smell that I warmed too.

A half of evil keg from Oakham (I guess) lasted all of the two minutes it took for me to be distracted by Mrs RM pointing out some artwork in the stable.  Good trick, Mrs RM.

Oh, and just the £4.10 a pint here, which puts that £6 Punk IPA in context.


  1. Add the upside down photo to a photo file,then if you right click on it the option will come up to turn it round either clockwise or anti clockwise,you could then delete the upside down photo and re add it the proper way round.


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