Contractual obligations demand a monthly summary of the GBG pilgrim’s progress.

That progress came to a juddering halt on 13th March, probably the least of many of our concerns.

Juddering halt in Worcestershire

No GBG ticks in June (that I’ll admit to), unless the Mace in Swaffham Bulbeck that sold me Mrs RM an emergency 4 pack of Pedigree sneaks into GBG21.

But there WAS some good beer, NBSS 4+ stuff, from the local every Friday.

Note the beer & food matching; Mauldon’s Black Adder Porter and spicy quid.  #Sommelier.

New Normal

I also succumbed to the lure of takeaway BrewDog, whose murk was best enjoyed along the dreaming spires of Cambridge University, thankfully free of students.


Despite the new freedom to drive to Bournemouth or Blackpool and defecate into a Burger King container, I stayed fairly local, biding my time till overnight stops are allowed this weekend.

Two trips to see Matt in Salford, still looking dystopian. Or certainly publess, which is basically the same.

No life in the Quays

In fact, I’ve been learning to appreciate my own patch and its simple pleasures.

It’s rubbish. But here’s a few highlights;

Best sunset – Quy Fen
Best river once jumped into by Dad – Grantchester
Best Bob Marley rendition – 3 Little Birds
Last remining statue in England – Snowy, Cambridge
Wurst joke
Best looking birthday cake

My favourite comment was this corker from Robert Drype.


It says “excellent blog, please go to a pub on the 4th and report on the Doom Bar”.

While this is my only viral tweet of the month;



July Preview

Four more sleeps till the Glorious Fourth.

I get to see the interior of the Sun every Friday, which hurts a bit, but they’ll be back on Saturday.


But before then, I’m planning.  Furiously.  Plenty to do in the Marches, always a joy.

I’ll definitely be at a new GBG pub this Saturday.  Here’s a clue;


19 thoughts on “JUNE ’20 STOCKTAKE + JULY PREVIEW

    1. Ah, Border of Wrexham. Wiki says “Border distributed a variety of products during its existence, including Border Mild – a dark mild ale, Exhibition Ale, and its generally well-regarded Border Bitter – marketed with slogans such as “Wine of Wales”, “Thirst Come Thirst Served”, and “Prince of Ales”. The writer and humorist Miles Kington, whose father was the brewery’s director, commented that Border had “managed to produce damned good beer but had never come up with a good slogan”…”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Incidentally, Miles Kington is commemorated by a memorial bench, located alongside the Kennet and Avon Canal, near Blackberry Lane, Conkwell. It bears a plaque, with the inscription:

        In Memoriam

        In fond memory of Miles Kington, who hated this spot, because there was never anywhere from which to sit down and enjoy it.

        Miles Kington, humorist. 1941–2008

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I’m NOT going to Wrexham. Not even sure it’s open !
        It’s hard to tell sometimes.
        First pint I ever had in a pub was keg Border Mild.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Not Wrexham? Doubt it’s Leicester! North East? You’re teasing us now.The Maltmeister and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Like the idea of a “spicy quid” but suppose anything goes in the Fens.


      1. But I might have been doing that for the last 3½ months – if the pubs had been open.


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