Yes, ANOTHER Bee Gees reference, even though the Isle of Man’s finest (apart from Dave Halliwell) never played the WMC in Bottisham.


Unless YOU know better.

Scraping the Fen Edge barrel, now, though Bottisham (pop. 2,199) punches well above its weight in some respects.

The fifth beetle to left

The village college takes up half the Wiki entry, and seems to house half the population too.

Despite separating from the sea in BC 8,000,000, the speed boat club still thrives,

Note horseracing reference

and there’s plenty of that thatch you Americans love.

Cambridge United colours
Dulwich Hamlet colours

The retail activity is compressed in a little row next to the Bell, which could be saved by Saturday’s return to pubs. If we don’t all wait a few months to see what happens.

Welcome back

I’ve been once, 15 years ago, for a decent IPA before the Bell cut loose from Greene King shackles.  Whatever they are.

Pub. Pharmacy. Village store.  Kebabs.  Curry.  Chinese & chippy.  All you want, really, apart from artisan bakers.

Different takeaway every day of the week

Oddly, Bottisham is best known for Stocks, a posh restaurant with a tenuous connection to Manchester City I can’t be bothered to explain and you don’t care about.

It faces the village church, about which Wiki is effusive.

“Above the arcades is a clerestory of fluted lancet windows

Shame it was closed

I walked the bounds, about 5 miles, taking in the bridge over the A14,

Footbridge over the A14

and 6 million square miles of wheat fields on the way to Swaffham Bulbeck.

Art shot

What can I say ?

It’s very quiet.  Fen Edge folk like quiet.  And HUGE weeds.


I’m SO tempted to come back when the Bell re-opens and listen to them talk about weeds.


  1. I have happy memories, of several pints of Bespoke’s Saved By The Bell at the Saracen’s Head on the Wye. I never did learn how it got its name though.

    But that weed looks like an artichoke that’s escaped to me. Don’t mess with it.


      1. They say on gardening programmes that a weed is just a plant that’s in the wrong place, but you could excuse all sorts of nonsense with that kind of thinking, I reckon.


      2. They say on gardening programmes that a weed is just a plant that’s in the wrong place but I reckon that you can excuse all manner of shenanigans with that kind of thinking.


      3. Yes, and I’m not sure what all that barley’s doing in the wheat fields.
        Oh, maybe waiting for a running future Prime Minister.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m heading back out to Norwich soon in the future and might just have to stop by the Bell here on the way. If I remember, I’ll let you know how the beer is Martin and if you think its changed at all in the last 15 years


      1. Martin, do you know anything about the cost of re-thatching one of those roofs? I know in Japan it’s prohibitively expensive, and many people will resort to encasing the whole thing in a thatch-shaped covering of corrugated steel. Which isn’t nearly so lovely, but who can blame them, really?


  3. Art shot maybe, but as Stafford Paul has already pointed out, that’s barley growing in that field – the stuff beer is made from.

    Moving swiftly on, although you included that Wiki link, I’m still none the wiser as to what a clerestory is.


    1. A clerestory, or clear storey, is a level of a building dedicated only to windows, without a floor, to allow light to a lower level…

      Liked by 1 person

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