Ooh, a grumpy statue. Me so topical.

James is home, and we can explore exciting Fen Edge villages in the hour before lunch.

Like Rampton. Our one, not the one with a secure hospital up the A1.

Recycling the map from BRAPA tour ’18
I’m collecting village signs like some folk collect Panini stickers

This was never going to be an epic trek, so Mrs RM came too.  I might have promised her beer, or something.

Instead she just got hay fever and more cottages.

“Work in Progress”
Note dog on thatch
Innovative NHS/BLM/Minnions mash-up pebble snake

The cultural heart of Rampton is down Cuckoo Lane, visible on this rare 1996 Explorer Map.


This is where the main deed in Sebastian Faulks’ Engleby is committed.

Peaceful place for a murder

Image result for sebastian faulks engleby

I don’t wish to spoil your enjoyment of the great work of Fen Edge fiction, but those are the fields where the body was buried.

Less criminal, but equally exciting acts were committed at Christmas 2018 by your favourite pub ticker.

More closed pubs

Proper regular readers will recall the Black Horse as the pub where BRAPA got unusually grumpy due to a misfunctioning door held shut by a fake cider hand pump.

Essential for every home
Who remembers pubs
Good Tring back in 2018

And Simon suddenly exclaimed ““Waistcoat Scampi Family” as they left. It was one of the joys of having my own pet BRAPA to take round the Fens for a few days.

Waistcoat Scampi Family”.

I got a little bit grumpy today as the pub was firmly shut when I turned up with my empty milk bottle hoping for a couple of pints of Side Pocket for a Toad from the barrel.

An hour’s walk with a bottle of water, three menthol sweets and no beer.  It was a hard sell to get Mrs RM to push on to All Saints and the castle moat at Giant’s Hill, which is less exciting than it sounds.

Rare thatch

Wiki tells me “Construction of the castle began during The Anarchy circa 1140, but was likely never completed.[3}”

Anarchy and finalising noble quests never mix.  Ask BRAPA.

Thomas admire the Fens


6 thoughts on “ROCKAWAY RAMPTON

  1. Yes, good and topical, Martin.

    My daughter has just posted a picture of half-a-dozen Halifax Town FC supporters “protecting” a random statue – nowt to do with slavers or any kind of oppression – in a West Yorks park.

    Happy days.

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