The sun is shining (again) so I’m clearing out the garage (still).

Beer books down to 3 – can you tell what they are

Mrs RM has ordered a skip for Tuesday, which prompted one of our rare but ridiculous arguments before I remember I should just do what I’m told.

An hour later she popped out to Milton Brewery, theoretically just across the field from our house but a wholly inessential 1.3 miles in the car.

milton brewery
Exciting village OS extract – location of Michael Jackson single not marked

Bless her cotton socks, she filled up the campervan water bottle with a gallon (8 pints, metric fans) of Nike, the ruby one. My first beer for six weeks.

I’m reluctantly going to accept she couldn’t have lugged a gallon of beer across the field, even though I’ve seen folk do it in Harare.

Less than ideal dispense but a proper glass

Cool, rich, bursting with flavour, it was as good as the ale in their legendary “Pour your own beer at the brewery” night.

Reader, we drank six pints in an hour, NBSS 4.5.  That is why DRINKING AT HOME IS A MORTAL SIN.  Mrs RM is completely unable to provide a regulated drinking environment, which is what you get in Proper Pubs like the Vaults in Uttoxeter.

Top beer mat, glass and beer

Anyway, Mrs RM may well send me out later with a couple of milk bottles for some of the 7.5% Marcus Aurelius that one pub wouldn’t let her have a pint of.

Who needs pubs ?*





*joke, joke

26 thoughts on “DRINKING AT HOME

  1. A little over indulgence is a good thing now and then. We can see the three beer books. What are the yellow ones though? And we award you the neatest garage I think anywhere in the world. Where are the old tires?

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      1. I confess that I have never read a copy of National Geographic. It is an impressive collection of OS maps on there too – are they all pinked up?


      1. I assume it was re-purposed from an old burger van, comes with a single multi-sex toilet, a table made from pallets, and only opens when you’re not there. Micropub shoe-in!


  2. “a regulated drinking environment, which is what you get in Proper Pubs like the Vaults in Uttoxeter” – except in their middle room and especially the time warp back room where you can do very much as you like – even discuss Autovacs.

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  3. I remember heaps of National Geographic at home when I was a child -very difficult to throw them out but they were probably never looked at more than once.My own stash ,recently found ,was about 10 years worth of The Dalesman -it was very difficult to throw them in the bin -most have gone now but I have a small pile left “just in case ” You can never have too many pictures of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.. We have had a few takeaways from The Cellars -usually looks like pondwater but Mr Sharp is happy with it

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      1. Yes it is -we are doing our best to help it ticking over -just off to collect our beer & cider for the weekend

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    1. “it’s very hard to throw such beautiful magazines away, isn’t it ?”
      Yes, and it would be impossible to throw away 48 years of What’s Brewing.

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  4. Just doing what one is told is definitely sound advice, where wives and girlfriends are concerned.

    Good luck with the skip; a work colleague ordered one last week and was advised by the driver who dropped it off, to stick a sheet over it. Otherwise there’s a danger of it being filled by other local and not so local residents.

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    1. T’other Paul,
      “where wives and girlfriends are concerned” – but which do you take most notice of ?

      ( only joking )

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