Last Friday I had my first beer since the clampdown.

In truth, I only bought that Doom Bar (£2.49, but it’s craft, innit) so I didn’t succumb to the Languedoc-Roussillon Mrs RM was guzzling 2 metres away while I watched Black Mirror (“Hang the DJ, brilliant).

500ml of beeriness

Obviously I can’t provide an NBSS rating for it, it’s the pub you score, not the beer. Duh.

But once decanted (expertly) into the ancient Bass glass it drank as well as any Duchesse de Bourgogne nonsense.

Sadly no Chinese takeaway pairing

Of course, the bottled Doom Bar is made at the home of brewing.

Pete’s pick

The ultra rare cask version is brewed by legendary homebrewer Sharps in deepest Cornwall, the bit only visited by 3 million Home Counties pashmina wearers called Lily paying £15 for fish and chips.


How I long to be able to visit pubs again and see beer line-ups like this one in Grimsby.

One beer is plenty, as they say in Uttoxeter

Sadly, I reckon the future for quality cask may look a bit more like this choice in Denton.

The future?

With time on its hands, there’s a perfect opportunity for CAMRA to get behind this classic beer, one you’ll remember I scored 4.5 twice, in Winchester and Sawbridgeworth.

4.5 in the Eclipse

A concerted campaign (“Get some Doom in your room“?) would, of course, have to focus on the bottled version initially, but there’s no harm in promoting a beer that so proudly and honestly proclaims its Burton heritage.

Talking of Burton, I note that the preposterous National Bass Day on April 11 has been abandoned, which leaves a gap in the calendar for our campaigning effort.

In truth, no-one cared much for that twiggy brown mess of a beer.

And let’s not forget that it was Doom Bar that won an award at Champion Beer of Britain 2006, following in the hallowed steps of Greene King IPA 2 years earlier. What has Bass ever won?

So on Saturday April 11, put aside your prejudice and buy a crate of Doom Bar from your local independent offie, and celebrate a beer with taste, iconic pump clip and, most importantly, history.

33 thoughts on “NATIONAL DOOM BAR DAY

  1. Don’t know where you bought that bottle of Doom Bar from, but if it cost you £2.49 you’re being ripped off. Four for six quid in Morrisons 😛

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  2. Before the, erm, you know, kicked-in, every day was Doombar day at the pub down the road. I was going to write “local” but that sort of implies it’s the pub of choice, which it isn’t, it’s merely the nearest pub to where I live. Three handles on the bar; “Doombar”, “Conditioning in the Cellar” and a second blatant lie because it had been only Doombar for ages. What I really crave is a pint of Ind Coope and as soon as this is all over I’ll be out looking to savour one, somewhere. Wink, wink…

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  3. “the bottled Doom Bar is made at the home of brewing” – yes, but why not bottled Bass in Burton and bottled Doom Bar in Samlesbury which, like Rock, is near the west coast ? .

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  4. Your post made it on to the facebook page Real Ale twats -Viz . They spend a lot of time slagging Doombar off -thus your comment was of great amusement to them -anyway the name of the group says it all ! I follow them because I like Viz &they can be funny sometimes !

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  5. I’m just about to have a bottle of Tyne Bank Northern Porter. Last case out of the brewery. Last customer out too, for the time being. #pubshaveneverbeensomissed

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      1. Well, Hugh has enough cash to see him through and good insurance to compensate so not all bad news. There’s going to be plenty of pubs that never open again though.

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  6. I don’t think I’m going to get many takers for my National Boddingtons Day. 😉

    You’re being very kind when you say “you’ll remember I scored 4.5 twice”– clearly you don’t know just how bad my memory is. I do recall, though, a period when you seemed to be going out of your way to order Doom Bar after you learned that it was the best selling cask beer in England. I wonder if that time resulted in either of those 4.5’s?


    1. I’ll support National Boddington Day 😉. I do see it very occasionally in chain hotels here, never had it though and lying if I say I remember its heyday.

      The two memorable Doom Bar pints I’ve had are odd. Sawbridgeworth Bull only had Doom Bar on, and the Eclipse in Winchester had Landlord which but was clearly a Doom Bar stronghold.

      In both cases if I’d done a blind testing like they do in judging the champion beers folks wouldn’t believe it was Doom Bar.

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      1. “Boddingtons ….. I do see it very occasionally in chain hotels here” – but only nitrokeg.


  7. Interesting…having sampled Doom in Cornwall and succumbed to its charms I remember being astounded to discover a hand pump of such in Glasgow at 445 on a Saturday….(I know I was checking the football scores 🙂 sadly before I understood the modus operandi of the Brewcos and puzzled it didnt taste or travel well..
    Since then it has become somewhat of a bête noire ti be avoided but on one occasion last year in Kent ..the landlord had done a good job and it was ” drinking well”…a useful catch all …I will give it another chance 1/4/22 !!

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    1. I’m glad you take me seriously, Graeme. I guess Doom Bar is on in the many many Spoons in Glasgow ? Or is it all Deuchars.
      It’s something to do with how long it’s kept in the cellar, I believe. I often drink Tim Taylor Landlord served too soon.


      1. Ah well TTs also a favourite of mine from time in Yorkshire..I also like their Boltmaker bitter ..had a superb cask pint in Dymchurch few years ago..
        Im sure youre right about correct cellaring for DB..its so ubiquitous it must be inevitable conditioning too short..
        Deuchars was usually the house beer in Spoons in Glasgow but less prevalent on recent visits ..It was my go to session till I discovered Glucose syrup was added to the brew bottles at least…..
        Tonights delights ..a comparison of Old Dairy (Kent ) Red Top £2.50 v Banks Bitter 89p ..thankfully Old Dairy shades it 🙂 🙂

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