Unbelievably, this Blackpool highlights package has more art than the one I’m compiling on London.

A man (or woman. Sexist), who is tired of Blackpoolhas probably never been. Don’t believe what you see on the BBC.

And remember. Always carry your Booths tote bag, essential for the souvenirs.

Name the pub

Last time there, walking south from Bispham, was a bit of a revelation.

For the twitchers

We shared our journey back to Preston with that unique British species, the Accrington Stanley fan.

Tesco French lager louts

Always fit in a trip to Bloomfield Road when in Blackpool, proper football with sea air and chip wrappers.

Here we see Blackpool Jane and Lee celebrating the departure of the odious Oystons in 2019.

Impressive Tangerines scarf

Come for football and chips, stay for art and beer, as the slogan goes.

Bowie Street
Lanky folk
Art Deco
Winter Garden. Home to BRAPA punk fest (?)
Modern stuff v old stuff
Progress. But not too much, please.

Jane’s wonderful blog is strong on gastronomy, though I’ve never had the town down as a culinary hotspot (decent curry on Talbot Road apart).

Cafe culture

It took me a while to realise that the ice cream dispenser in Bar 19 was going to be a disappointment.


Ah, Bar 19. One of a succession of unlikely Beer Guide entries.

I really thought this was a joke entry in Autumn 18, but the beer was good AND it was open till 3am.

Not a micro

For craft beer you have to head for Ma Kelly’s, sister pub to Ma Pardoe’s in Dudley.

Or get cans from Morrison

Blackpool has the cask turnover to guarantee a decent pint. Apart from the Thwaites and the Bass (Saddle) you’ve now got brew pubs,

Toilet humour

Sizzlers with toy machines (?),

Every 1,000th one a winner

and micros approached via scary stairs.

Make it your last pint of the night

An unmissable place, but I’m sure I’ve forgot something.

Oh yeah.



      1. Indeed – both are classic Sam’s pubs. But {puts local government boundary pedant hat on} Cleveleys is not in Blackpool 😛


    1. Ah yes, I remember Sam Smith’s in the Bispham Hotel when the AGM was there back in 1977.
      It returned in 2006.
      So 2035 the next one.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a night that was haha! The likeness is uncanny. Great pub Alberts, isn’t it? I wouldn’t fancy taking those stairs in the rain, though…

    “Ma Kelly’s, sister pub to Ma Pardoe’s” 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blackpool is a complete and utter s******e (sorry Jane). However, I do agree it has some redeeming features, some excellent boozers which I have barely scratched the surface of and the away end at Bloomfield Road is absolutely superb.
    Martin, do you recommend any curry house in particular on Talbot Road? I am overdue a visit to Blackpool, having last been on New Years Day (unless you count Layton in Storm Dennis as a visit). I’ll probably get a trip next season (so in about 3 years) to see the mighty Tigers lose away. Woohoo.


  3. I must admit that I’ve never properly take to Blackpool.
    I was last there in August and only stopped for 75 minutes – but Brighton a couple of months earlier and I would have happily stayed more than two nights.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, now I realise that “Blackpool is a complete and utter s******e” is why I’ve never properly take to it.


      1. I know all about “it’s grim in …” but I’d rather be in Grimsby than Blackpool.
        Especially as it’s only eleven minutes to Cleethorpes with its Refreshment Rooms.
        Eleven minutes doesn’t even get you halfway from Blackpool North to Preston.


    2. I do rate Brighton more, the trouble I have there is the immense crowd of grockles. Best visited in winter I find, though sometimes a jumper is required. I was disappointed I didn’t really get chance for a walk round on the way to Reading via Bexhill a few weeks ago.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m trying to work out how long ago it was that I was last in the Saddle.

        It must be in the 1990s.

        Sheesh. What’s the point of a life if you can’t remember it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. What’s the point of life if you can remember it?

        I think my last time in the Saddle (blog title RIGHT there) was November 2001 before football. I’d assumed they’d stopped Bass but it seems it’s immovable.


  4. I must say when it comes to Blackpool, the name of the place isn’t doing it any favors. A bit like Skegness in that regard. 😉

    Whenever I hear the name Blackpool, I think of the Japanese film “Shall We Dance”, in which the ballroom dancing enthusiasts of Tokyo dream of being good enough to take part in the elite international ballroom dancing competition in Blackpool. Every time the characters in that movie speak of Blackpool, you’d think they were talking about Valhalla.

    I got curious as to whether that competition is ongoing, and sure enough, it’s scheduled to begin May 21st. But in the current climate, one wonders if it will proceed– talk about failing to observe the requirements of social distancing!


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