3 Banjos

I thought you’d like to see this photo of Simon, Duncan and myself at the Annual GBG Tickers Conference in Hoyland (probably the back room of the Furnace, it was a long night). Maltmeister took the photo, bless him.

Duncan is pictured on the right, looking grumpy that pubs are closed and because my Emergency Motion to officially recognise “dregs” as a tick was carried by 3-to-1.

This is a bit of a housekeeping post, housekeeping is all I’m doing until I get permission to go for walks round (temporarily) dead pubs in Carluke and Chatteris.

My highlight of the week, apart from Mrs RM’s Apple & Rhubarb Crumble, was finding this rare piece of vinyl on the side of the A10. Makes a change from roadkill.

Michael Jackson single
Almost mint

If Matthew Lawrenson can play Herb Alpert cassettes I can play battered Michael Jackson singles.

As you know I welcome all of your comments, but was surprised to read this one from Ms Best Calorie Counter, possibly my America Samoan reader.

Perfect English there

If any of you can find the spelling mistakes in “Blossom” I’d be grateful.

I know I still have Mudgie to fix the “East/West” dilemma but I’m lost without Russ’s spellchecking service.


  1. That vinyl is puzzling me (I’m a bit of a vinyl geek)
    There weren’t many Michael Jackson with the Jackson 5 releases, and I can’t find that on discogs, however I can’t quite read the catalogue number.
    Reckon that could have been a bit of a rarity.


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