Mrs RM and I are working our way through the Cambridge Beer Guide entries, purely for research purposes. At 11.55am we were hovering outside the door of the Devonshire looking very suspicious.

Love that red

This is one of our favourite Cambridge pubs, being a few steps from the shiny but dull station and with a shiny line-up of beer from our village brewery.

What other way to start the week than with a pint of Marcus Aurelius. Some places will only serve this in half-pints, but the Devonshire is a proper pub.


The Marcus was so good first out of the barrel (NBSS 3.5) that I felt a bit miffed I was on the Pegasus (NBSS 3).  Mrs RM regretted her choice later in the cinema*..

I reckon you can generally gauge a pint from the head, and these two looked full of life as the sun streamed through.


The food operation isn’t quite as interesting as it was; a choice centred on decent burgers wasn’t exactly what Mrs RM was looking for, but I kindly finished off her chips.

The Devonshire was full of ” life” before Milton took it on in 2010. (It was a loveable dump). Six years on it has a pleasant lived-in feel, mirroring the Elm Tree is many respects.


It took a while, but by 1pm the bar was filling up nicely with the sort of middle-aged drinkers Cambridge specialise in.  “What are they doing, why aren’t they working” .  Mrs RM can spot a freelance IT professional a mile off.

* “Arrival”, a wonderful film, particularly on half-price Monday at the Picturehouse.

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