As you can probably tell Mrs RM has sorted out my laptop.  John Lewis wouldn’t help, but Lenovo were happy to talk through their unique TIOTIOA solution.

This means I can post on Wellingborough‘s surprisingly attractive centre at last, and put my comments on the Coach & Horses in context.

I searched for something interesting to say about the town.  It was, I understand, the location for the car chase scenes in “Starsky and Hutch“; note the newish statues commemorating David’s hit “Silver Lady”.

Wellingborough & District U3A: Home

Apart from that, the tree-lined street out to the former Grammar School (past pupil – David Frost) is probably the highlight.

The retail centre is functional, which is a bonus for me, though the lovely folk in the micro later were dumbstruck that Mrs RM would do her shopping here. Where there’s a Morrisons, there’s Prosecco and chocolate.

This was a sixth trip to Welly (?), a first since those statues went up, and I could only remember a few attractive buildings round by the old abbey.  Like this one;


The pubs looked tremendous though, perhaps at their best on a chilly Saturday late afternoon. Not tremendous in an exciting beer range way, but from looking lived-in and cheery.

Nothing looked more inviting than the Little Ale House, a micro-pub with particularly friendly locals. Even one chap keen to be photographed (badly).


A display board I can actually read, a good, compact range of local beers (Phipps NBSS 3.5) and one of those “Choose the next beers” systems we love so much.


One of the cheeriest pubs of the year, and keen to pr0mote a second micro that had just opened at the station. I’m saving that for a future GBG.

Talking of which, the Coach & Horses that so terrified me with it’s 27 casks has the sort of pub window I like, and the sort of consistent beer quality others only dream of.

NB You can read Alan Winfield’s report on Wellingborough here. I recommend it.



  1. Have you read my post on Wellingborough yet Martin,
    I wondered if those beer geeks with massive beards were still hogging the bar and sneering if you choose the wrong type of drink or your order is miss heard in the Coach and Horses.


      1. Thanks for that Martin,
        That is the one thing i really dislike about the top real ale pubs,they always seem to full of people who just talk about beer and what it is like,the Grove in Huddersfield,the Maltings in York and The Brunswick in Derby all seem to have the same type of know all beer geeks in them and i do go in the Brunswick about four or five times a year.

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