Reading my own old posts is a BIT indulgent, and I’m appalled at some of the lies and half-truths I’ve foisted on you over the years (Maidenhead is actually really nice).

But it’s still 97.8% more accurate than the BBC, and that’s a fact.

Another fact is that there’s never been a better time to visit Seaford, apart from the fact you can’t (unless you live there).

Exciting journey takes in stops at St Pancras AND Lewes

The most important advice I can give you is;


Don’t look down


But DO walk the cliffs; they’re marvellous, Beachy Head on the cheap.

Perhaps Beach Head an unfortunate comparison

Ideal beaches for folk who don’t like getting sand in their toes,

Art installation

and a gritty, lived-in feel rather at odds with Eastbourne and Lewes.

Apostrophe use needs work

Walking along the coast reminded me of the finer points of Bill Bryson’s “Notes from a Small Island“, gentlefolk asleep in their cars, pointed out toward Dieppe (why ?), and groups of old dears saying “Are you sure you’re going to be warm enough ?” as the temperature topped 26.

The town is safer but uninspiring, which suits me.  So does the new entry, the Old Boot,

Photo: WhatPub

which is notable for having TOO MANY BEERS, so the Harvey’s is fine but dull (NBSS 3).


Home of a short-lived supergroup featuring Hendrix, Anderson and an unidentified ’70s female vocalist.

Christine McVie

Four GBG pubs on two visits, all of them worth a visit. But start at the Wellington.

Ah, Greene King livery.  What can it signify ?

Aren’t Greene King exteriors dull ?

Yes, it signifies a drinkers pub. In fact, a tickers pub, judging by the jovial gent taking copious notes and downing halves at the bar (top).

Nothing wrong with tickers, of course, as long as their pop bottles don’t leak while I’m standing at the bar.

Jukebox style beer boards

A bustling boozer, scoring extra Mudgie points by playing Toto’s Africa for the benefit of beer tickers and pub tickers alike.

Long Man Best a rare 4

What about my pub with blokes in Hi-Vis jackets ?“, demands Dave,

That’ll be the White Lion, a little slice of South-West London on the coast.

Proper carpet

More people in the smoking den than the pub, always a good sign.  As is the fluorescent jacket and hand-written Gin menu.

The Old was a bit old if I’m honest

But what about the crafties ?”  says reader Citra.

The Steamworks is the “polite” craft bar exemplar, running a sideline in tea, coffee and brownies to gentlefolk hoping for a bit of “Brief Encounter” style railway thrills.


Decent beer as you stand at the end of the line, waiting for the 15:59 to Brighton.

Enjoy the sunset from the train back to Lewes, where you’ll inevitably break your journey and head for the Lewes Arms.


16 thoughts on “GET SOZZLED IN SEAFORD

  1. “Maidenhead is actually really nice” –Nearly fell off my chair, reading this. Do you mean to say you were repeatedly slagging off Maidenhead for COMICAL EFFECT?! 😉

    When I saw the reference to “scoring extra Mudgie points by playing Toto’s Africa” it occurred to me, “Perhaps I don’t know Mudgie’s taste in music quite as well as I thought.” But then I realized, “Come on, man, you haven’t a *clue* as to what Mudgie’s taste in music is!”

    Had a good chuckle at your warning regarding getting “PISSED ON HARVEY’S IN LEWES BEFORE WALKING SEAFORD HEAD.” Looking at those photos (and the utter absence of guardrails), I’d say it was unwise for anyone to head out to those cliffs having had anything so much as a shandy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. which is notable for having TOO MANY BEERS.
    Can’t have too many good beers, as long as they’re good that is, a fine selection in The Old Boot.


      1. Presumably it is a good pub because it offers customers a choice,restricting customers to one beer,a particularly lack lustre one at that,would make the good pub a bad one and lead to its failure


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